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Performance Plumbing takes pride in delivering services in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Our crew is trained to follow procedures that ensure personal and environmental safety and cleanness.
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Bay Area Plumbing & Rooter Services

With more than 13 years of combined experience, the Performance Plumbing team of expert technicians has become one of the most trusted names in Bay Area plumbing and rooter services. We’re proud to have earned this reputation over the years by providing high-quality plumbing services of all kinds to satisfied customers across the Bay Area, no matter what type of problem they may face. In addition to our quality services, residents can have peace of mind knowing that our fully licensed team is ready to rapidly respond to any plumbing emergency at any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day. Whether your plumbing issues are urgent and require immediate attention or are longer-term in scope, give us a call now to get your plumbing needs taken care of as soon as possible – every minute can make a big impact in a plumbing system, so don’t wait too long!

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Why People Choose Performance Plumbing

Above all else, our customers choose us because they know they can depend on our quality plumbing services and expertise, with the knowledge that their issues will be taken care of quickly and at a reasonable price. With fast, free estimates available during business hours, customers know exactly what they’re getting into up front and can rest assured that no hidden costs will suddenly arise unexpectedly, as we always try to provide the most honest and transparent evaluations possible. During emergencies, customers know that we’ll immediately respond at any hour of the day or night, and provide a fair price without taking advantage of the situation.
Because of our hard-earned reputation as an honest, quality plumbing company, we’ve become one of the most popular plumbing companies to turn to for homes and offices in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area in general. Residents turn to us because they know they can trust our knowledgeable experts to clearly explain every detail of the job to them, so that there is maximum transparency in every job we perform.
While there really is no limit to the range of plumbing issues we can help you resolve, people often ask us what services we provide and if we can help them with their issues. The short answer is yes, we almost certainly can help you no matter what the plumbing problem is, as our experienced team has seen just about every plumbing problem imaginable. That said, some of our most common service calls include drain stoppages, main line stoppages, toilet problems, garbage disposal issues, dishwasher problems, kitchen water lines, rooter services and much more. In addition to repairs, we can also provide installations for new instruments like garbage disposals, water heaters, pipelines, sinks, fixtures, drains, faucets valves, water recycling units and more – perfect for quick fixes or full kitchen remodeling.
Having provided reliable service to households and offices alike for years, no job is too large or too small for our team. Give us a call today to get your plumbing needs taken care of as soon as possible!

Arrived early..bonus. Extremely professional. Fixed our issues in a more than reasonable time, plus he arrived with the part ready to go if we needed it. Highly recommend.

J. C., San Francisco, CA, Yelp.com

Our Fully Comprehensive Plumbing Services Can Repair Almost Any Problem

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of services for our customers to meet whatever plumbing needs may arise. Here’s an overview of our most popular services, but keep in mind there are a lot of other odd jobs and services that we cover that we can perform for you. Whether you’re in need of something as basic as fixing your toilet or something as complex as redesigning the plumbing system of your entire property, our team of friendly plumbing experts is fully capable of covering just about any plumbing need you may have.
As a result, we strongly encourage you to give us a call with whatever problem is afflicting you, and we can clearly explain what work will be required to fix the problem if you’re unsure of which service you need and do through plumbing scheduling application. As you can probably guess, the problem often needs to first be examined to understand what the solution should be.
Rooter Drain Cleaning and Mechanical Snake Services
One of the most common plumbing needs, many of our customers come to us looking for rooter drain cleaning services. The term rooter generally refers to a drain cleaning machine that’s also known as a mechanical snake. It’s basically a long metal wire with a somewhat sharp mesh bulb at the end that can expand and contract to cut through all kinds of debris lodged within a pipe or drain.
The most common scenario that arises to warrant the use of a rooter is when tree or shrub roots grow through cracks in a pipe and take over the pipeline. Since sewer lines typically contain a lot of water and nutrients in one form or another, these roots thrive inside this environment and grow large enough to completely obstruct the flow of water within the pipe. This is also where the term rooter comes from.
Not all situations where plumbing appears to be completely backed up requires a rooter, but we’ll happily do an inspection to let you know if you do need it. In addition, rooters can be equipped with other special components, which brings us to our next service.
Plumbing Video Inspections for Pipes and Sewer Lines
Plumbing video inspections are another one of our popular services. During the process, we use a professional plumbing device that essentially consists of a long metal wire with a high-quality video camera and light attached to the end, and we record and map out the entire insides of a sewer line or pipe.
As a result of the process, we can pinpoint the exact location of problems like cracks, blockages, collapses, or newly forming problems within a pipeline in the early stages. We can also produce a video recording for you to have on file for your own records. This service can be particularly useful to anyone buying or selling a property to confirm the integrity of the plumbing system, although it’s also helpful for generally any property owner to have.
Home Plumbing Inspections and Other Plumbing Inspections
Whether you need a home plumbing inspection, a restaurant plumbing inspection, or an inspection on some other type of property, this popular service is important to just about everyone.
The benefits of this service are many. When buying or selling a property like a home, a home plumbing inspection can guarantee the integrity of the plumbing system on the property and thus the value of the property. For commercial properties like restaurants, a restaurant plumbing inspection can ensure everything with the plumbing system is up to local plumbing codes and regulations. Finding problems as they develop and before they turn into large nightmares is also an important benefit regardless of the property or status on the market, as plumbing inspections can help prevent problems that can threaten the health of families, residents, employees and patrons.
Hydro Jetting
Another important plumbing service, hydro jetting is the practice of using high-powered streams of water to blast away blockages and buildup within sewers, drains and pipelines. Usually this method is reserved for extremely stubborn cases of blockage, but we can definitely conduct an inspection to explore whether or not your property needs it. If it does require hydro jetting, we’ll be happy to get the job done.
Sump Pumps Services
A sump pump can be an important tool so safeguard many properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly when planning for inclement weather and heavy rains. Sump pumps are designed to collect water in a sump pit and pump the water off of the property, protecting the foundation of the structure from floods or heavy rainfall. Whether you’re looking to add a sump pump to protect your property or need service for an existing sump pump, we handle everything from installation to inspections and repairs.
Replacement and Repairs for Sewer Lines, Drains and Pipes
When sewer lines, drains or pipes are aging or develop structural problems, many people need repair or replacement services for pipelines. We’re fully experienced and trained on replacement and repair, so we can handle the entire range of these projects, no matter how big or small.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Simply need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent buildup or small problems from growing into large ones? It’s a great idea to have regular cleaning and maintenance performed as a sort of insurance against future problems, and we happily provide these services for careful property owners who have a keen interest in maintaining their property.

Other Services

It’s almost impossible for us to list every single job or service we’ve ever performed in our many years of plumbing experience. Remember that we cover literally everything plumbing related, from fixing your toilet to replacing and redesigning your entire plumbing system. No matter what your needs are, give us a call today and find out exactly how our team of friendly plumbing professionals can get the job done for you. Our hard work and dedication to plumbing have earned us one of the most impressive track records for plumbing in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you can be sure we’ll not only meet your needs quickly and professionally, but we’ll always aim to exceed your expectations.
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