There are a number of reasons faucets may start leaking depending on the design of the faucets. The majority of kitchen faucets are a ball type faucet design. Ball type faucets are readily identifiable by the single handle design which utilizes internal plastic or metal balls to control the cold and hot water flow. Though quite popular, ball type faucets are much more prone to leaks than other faucet designs due in large part to the higher number of parts that make up their structure.

If the cam gaskets are worn down or if the adjusting ring tension is off a leaky faucet handle is usually the result. Disc faucets will leak if the discs become worn down and the discs receive a lot of wear due to their design since the control of hot and cold water flow is created by the discs sliding over each other which creates friction.

Cartridge faucets regulate the temperature by moving side to side and the flow by moving up and down. These cartridges wear down over time and need to be replaced.

The cheapest of the faucets is the compression faucets and it has more leaks than any other variety. There are two handles, one for hot and the other for cold, and each may be twisted on and off for water flow control. A simple seat washer is the only thing stopping leaks and since this type of washer can’t be compressed to form a truly water tight seal leaks are inevitable.

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