Video Inspection

Technology has the ability to drastically change everything from medicine to construction and with video inspections, problems can be diagnosed in record time. Performance Plumbing believes in taking advantage of these new advancements in order to serve our customers better and faster than ever before.

These new video inspections involve using a portable camera to inspect sewer lines without any digging or outside influence. Pipeline as small as 2 inches is no trouble at all for our cutting edge portable setup for video inspections. Another new option for video inspections is the mobile video pipeline. With this mobile camera video inspections may be performed from 6 to 60 inches.

The operator-controlled push rod is key to making the portable camera video inspections work. As the video is captured it is sent to a separate DVR setup where it may then be converted to DVD for easy viewing and distribution of the video inspections.

The mobile video camera is not controlled by a rod and features a tilt head and self-leveling pan which promotes good picture for video inspections. The mobile camera may travel over 1000ft if needed, making it useful and practical for capturing video inspections. DVDs, still photos and reports are generated by the mobile unit on site.

These cutting edge cameras for video inspections were created with the pipe structure of homes and businesses in mind. The increased portability while maintaining high resolution is exceptionally useful, making these cameras one of the biggest enhancements in the world of video inspection.

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