Sewer & Drain Repair

When it comes to water service repair, Performance Plumbing has all the bases covered. With water service repair it is essential to do things right. If water service repair is completed improperly it can lead to a whole host of health, monetary and even legal issues down the road.

When water service repair is performed incorrectly, dampness and moisture are often the result. Wherever there is moisture, there is surely mold. Mold causes all kinds of different allergic reactions varying from a mild headache to migraines and asthma.

A home or building which has seen more than its fair share of moisture often has damage that is incredibly expensive to repair and in the worst cases the house must be condemned and torn down due to the fact that repair is no longer a possibility. Because underlying water issues and improperly done water service repair is the main culprit, homeowners should be very picky about who they contract with.

Performance Plumbing is a water service repair contractor that stands behind their work 100%. Their previous customers are one oft he main sources of new clientele because the word of mouth information they spread about the water service repair is so positive.

There are no hidden costs with Performance Plumbing because there is always a free written estimate that must be approved by the client before the water service repair project can begin. If you’ve ever wished that there was a plumber that would take your home as seriously as if it were their own, Performance Plumbing is right for you.

The customer service at Performance Plumbing is probably the best in the San Francisco Bay Area and customer satisfaction is an endless source of pride for the company. Performance Plumbing does their best to complete jobs like water service repair with minimal disruptions for their clients be they large businesses or small families.

If you find yourself in need of water service repair give Performance Plumbing a call for your free estimate.

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