Sump Pumps / Sewage Ejectors

A sump pump is indispensable when it comes to keeping a build up of water out of a given area. There are two different varieties of sump pump: the submersible sump pump and the pedestal sump pump. The submersible variety of sump pump is put down in the bottom of the sump pit and is therefore hard to get to and hard to service.The trade off is that submersibles are resistant to electrical short circuiting because the sump pump is sealed off in a special housing which protects them when water fills the sump pit.

A pedestal sump pump sits above the pit and can be accessed for easy maintenance but they are much less water resistant than submersibles.

It is important to keep basements and other areas beneath a building dry for the long term safety and care of the home. Water damage is irreversible and getting rid of moisture and dampness of an ongoing struggle.

A sump pump generally last from 5-8 years though routine maintenance could make them last longer. Performance Plumbing knows how to get the most out of a sump pump and repairing and maintaining them is a quick and simple task for our professionals.

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are an essential part of the structure of a sewage system in a building. One type of sewage pumps is called a sewage ejector pump. Many people have never even heard of a sewage pump let alone an ejector pump but a lot of homes have them, especially if there is a bathroom located below the main sewage line. The ejector sewage pumps lift the sewage waste to a level where it can then be carried along the main line in order to be disposed of. Few people think about the gravity behind the way plumbing works and part of the is thanks to sewage pumps which allow plumbing to defy gravity for the sake of convenience.

Another interesting sewage pumps worthy of note is the grinder sewage pump. A grinder ejector sewage pumps are like having a garbage disposer in the pipes which takes any large debris and breaks it down for easy disposal via the sewage pipes. These grinder sewage pumps make quick work of tampons, condoms or diapers which are the top culprits of stubborn, serious clogs and blockages.

Despite how effective grinder sewage pumps are it is prudent and wise to avoid flushing inappropriate items down the drain.

When it comes to sewage pumps replacement of any variety, it is best left to professionals. Even individuals who are exceptionally handy may run into problems with these complicated sewage ejector pumps. Hiring a professional means that the new sewage pumps meet code and are sized appropriately, saving homeowners a lot of needless headache.

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