Strawberry leaking pipe repair: best practices

A leaking pipe is like a ticking time bomb. If you need help with a leaking pipe in Strawberry, we’re here to help. No homeowner wants to deal with the hassle of a backed-up toilet or a clogged kitchen sink. But with a little help from the experts, you don’t have to.

Here are our top tips on dealing with a leaking pipe. If you have any questions about how to best approach this fix, feel free to reach out to our team and we’d be happy to help.

Tip 1: Preventative pipe maintenance

The best way to fix a leaking pipe is to prevent it from leaking in the first place. The good news is, this doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Get in the habit of regularly inspecting your pipes a couple of times a year. This can mean the difference between noticing a small leak and finding your basement flooded one morning.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes walking through your home and around the exterior of your home, looking at the visible plumbing pipes. Look under your bathroom and kitchen sinks. If you see any moisture, pipe damage or cracks, call a professional plumber.

Tip 2: Locate the leak

If you’ve noticed collected water somewhere, but aren’t sure of the source. Spend a few minutes locating where the leak is located. This will help you understand the severity of the issue and prepare the information you’ll need to give to the professional who will help you with the repair.

Tip 3: Find a trustworthy professional

Perhaps the most important factor that can make your leaking pipe fix successful is the person doing the installation. Because so much in your home depends on plumbing, you want to make sure the job is done right. While many jobs around the house can be done by the homeowner, this may not be one of them. If you know you’ve got an issue that needs fixing, take some time to find the right plumber to partner with.

It’s important that you choose to work with a well-qualified expert and avoid inexperienced or unprofessional plumbers. Keep an eye out for professional home improvement plumbing teams that are fully licensed and insured, like our team at Performance Plumbing. In addition, check for high scores on review websites like Yelp, which help distinguish top-performing teams like ours from those that don’t leave their customers satisfied.

Tip 4: Get a free estimate

Before you begin work, make sure to get a free and detailed estimate from the plumber. We are always happy to give you a free estimate of the work we do. This will help you budget for the project and keep expectations clear on all sides.

Tip 5: What to do if it’s a plumbing emergency

Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and you don’t notice a leak until it’s too late. If your leak has already resulted in standing water in your house, you’ll want to do a few things as quickly as possible. First, disconnect an electronics and unplug any cords in the area.

Next, reach out to a professional team, like our team at Performance Plumbing, to schedule a repair. Once you’ve scheduled the repair, clear the area where the leak is. Take any wet items out of the area and somewhere they can dry off and leave a clear path for the plumber to fix the issue.

If you’re ready to get your leak fixed or have any questions that need to be answered, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email and our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out.


Millbrae drain cleaning best practices

A clogged drain can result in your sinks not draining and even backing up, causing numerous issues for you as a homeowner. If you’re looking for help with your Millbrae drain cleaning, the first step is to do a little research to ensure the process goes well.

If you have any questions after reading these tips, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to pick up the phone or respond to your email to help in any way that we can – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tip 1: Identify where the clog is located

A big factor in how challenging it will be to fix the leak is where the blockage is located. Generally, speaking, a clog inside your house, such as under the sink in the laundry room, will cost less than if there’s an issue with your mainline. Kitchen and bathroom sink leaks are generally the least expensive to fix as a result. The good news is that clogs are most common right under the sink, in the so-called P-trap, that curvy section of pipe directly below the sink.

Tip 2: Get a Video Inspection

If you aren’t sure what’s clogging your drain or toilet, you can ask a professional to do a video camera inspection. This involves a plumber pushing a video camera through your sewer line or into your pipes to identify the drain problem. This method of inspection can help when the issue is in underground pipes or those that are not easily accessed.

Tip 3: Identify the best approach to fix the problem

There are two basic methods you can use to clean your clogged drains. The first is called snaking. Snaking is by far the most common way to fix a slow or completely blocked drain. The process is simple: a plumber pushes a long, coiled metal cord through the pipe. The cord can push through the p-trap and punch through any clogs that are in the pipe.

The second method is called hypo jetting. Hydro jetting is more expensive than the alternative but sometimes necessary depending on the severity or location of the leak. The plumber will essentially connect a high-pressure hose to the clogged drain and use a powerful jet of water to blow away any buildup within the pipe. The hydro jet is more powerful than the rooter, and because the plumber is essentially only using water, it’s eco-friendly and chemical-free.

You will want to consult with a professional, however, because not all pipes can handle the high pressure. Especially in older buildings with aging plumbing, the hydro jet might not be the best solution.

Tip 4: Make sure your plumber is licensed

When dealing with a clogged pipe, you want to use a trusted professional. There is a lot of liability and possible damage that can occur with any plumbing repair, so you want to ensure you’re using the best. You want to look for a plumber with years of experience, and one that has their credentials in order.

Tip 5: Ask for a free estimate

Before you begin work, make sure to get a free and detailed estimate from the plumber. We are always happy to give you a free estimate of the work we do.

If you’re ready to get your drain cleaning started or have any questions that need to be answered, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email and our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out.


Woodside garbage disposal installation: tips and tricks

Looking for help with a Woodside garbage disposal installation? The first thing you need to do is be prepared. Researching before you start your Woodside garbage disposal installation will help make the process much smoother.

If you have any questions after reading these tips, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to pick up the phone or respond to your email to help in any way that we can – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tip 1: Determine whether your sink accommodate a garbage disposal unit

Garbage disposal units are not compatible with all sinks. Before you begin, make sure your sink is able to connect to a garbage disposal unit. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may need to have a professional assess your sink. If your sink can be connected to a garbage disposal unit, then you can move on to the next step. If your sink cannot, then you’ll have to replace your sink with one that can connect to a garbage disposal unit.

Tip 2: Determine if your existing disposal can be repaired

If your sink already has a disposal, then instead, you’ll want to determine whether the one you have can be fixed or if you need to purchase a new one. It can be cheaper to fix your existing disposal unit, but you may find that it is beyond repair and you need to seek a professional. If you’re unsure what to look for, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to do a free estimate.

Tip 3: Check local codes

Before you begin your garbage disposal installation, check with local codes. Some areas have enacted plumbing codes that prohibit disposals due to sewer capacity. Alternatively, the codes may also require an air gap if the disposal is used with a dishwasher. Knowing what’s required before you get started will help make the process as easy as possible.

Tip 4: Pick the right type of garbage disposal unit

There are two main types of garbage disposals: continuous and batch feed garbage disposals. Of the two, continuous disposals are more common and less expensive than the alternatives. They’re easy to operate: you run water in the sink, flip a switch on the wall and feed the scraps to the disposal.

The alternative is the batch feed garbage disposal. These units are safer than the continuous feed disposals but are not generally recommended for residences that generate a lot of food waste. They don’t operate by using a switch. Instead, the batch feed disposal is activated when a stopper is put in the sink drain.

Tip 5: Use a trustworthy professional

There’s a lot of electrical and plumbing work involved in garbage disposal installation, which means this job is potentially hazardous. It may be a good idea to hire a professional plumber to install or replace your disposal. You can either purchase the new disposal yourself or let us handle it for you.

If you’re ready to get your Woodside garbage disposal installation project started or have any questions that need to be answered, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email and our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out.


How to Get Top Results from Your Moss Beach Shower Installation

Planning major changes to your home is always a serious investment that needs to be planned out carefully, and getting ready to kick off a Moss Beach shower installation project is no exception. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want to make sure your Moss Beach shower installation produces top results at the end of the project.

To assist you in your quest for excellence, our team at Performance Plumbing has crafted this quick guide to help you understand the key guiding principles to ensuring your shower installation project produces lasting value for years to come.

Have a definition of success in mind
Almost every successful show installation project starts with having some kind of vision for what a successful outcome should look like. While this vision can adapt a bit over time, establishing a clear vision up front helps guide the project through the various phases.

To establish a vision of what success looks like, consider first what you need to accomplish. How will the shower be used? Who will use it? What are the needs of the people who will use it?

For example, a master bedroom shower may be best if paired with a tub, while an outdoor utility shower may need a more rugged design.

Consider also the environment that the shower will be installed in. If you have a lot of space to work with, you’ll have more flexibility in the choices you can select from. If your space is small, you’ll likely need to only consider compact designs. Make sure you also take note of the styling of the surroundings where the shower will be installed in, to make sure the style of the shower is a good fit for the room it is installed in.

Finally, consider other factors like your budget. If you have budget constraints, be sure to factor that into your overall vision.

By taking into account factors like these, you can first develop an idea of what characteristics a successful shower installation should have based on your specific needs and parameters.

Study examples of successful shower installations
After you’ve established in general what needs a successful shower installation project should satisfy for you, you can then move on to make your vision more specific by studying examples of successful shower installations.

A quick and easy resource for performing this exercise is to hop on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, or browse other websites for photos and descriptions of successful shower installations and see which ones might best reflect your needs.

Keep in mind that our team can also help provide examples and talk through the pros and cons of various choices if you’d like professional input. We’re always happy to do this as a free consultation before any commitments are made.

Check out shower products
The next step in refining your vision is to check out various shower products in showrooms or warehouses. Our team is also a great resource for this, as we can help guide you through the specific benefits and drawbacks of each product.

While we highly recommend checking products out in person, you can also do this research online if needed.

Make sure you partner with a strong professional
When you’re ready with your overall vision of what you need for your shower installation project, the next step is to make sure you work with a well-qualified professional plumbing team.

At Performance Plumbing, we pride ourselves on having a high customer satisfaction rate and online reputation as a business, and we’re a fully licensed and insured team of highly experienced home improvement plumbers. We think you should settle for nothing less, so get in touch with us via phone or email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help guide your project to success!


Quick Tips for San Carlos Plumbing Repairs

Finding yourself in need of plumbing help is usually not a fun situation, but finding the right help for your San Carlos plumbing repairs doesn’t necessarily need to be as stressful as you might think. With calm nerves and some smart planning, your San Carlos plumbing repairs can be taken care of quick and conveniently and at a reasonable price.

To help you navigate the process and get the best results from your plumbing repairs, our team of expert plumbers has gathered together these quick tips which we think can help steer anyone towards plumbing repair success.

Tip 1: Act right away in a plumbing crisis
In the event of a plumbing crisis, first make sure there is no risk to personal safety. If anyone is at risk, please call emergency responders immediately before worrying about plumbing repairs.

If no lives are at risk, we highly recommend giving us a call immediately for our 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services. With our emergency plumbing repair services, we’ll send a friendly plumbing expert out to your location as quickly as possible to get the repairs done right away.

This service is particularly useful if you’re worried about property damage being extended in a situation where you can’t control the plumbing problem and it threatens your property, such as leaks that are difficult to control.

Tip 2: Do damage control if needed
After you’ve called us for help, as you’re waiting for help to arrive you should try to take some steps to mitigate the effects of the problem, if possible.

For example, if you’re dealing with a leak, try to find buckets to collect the water and rotate buckets so that you can dump water outside when possible.

Also, you can use rags and fans to soak up water and speed up the evaporation process.

While our team will arrive as quickly as possible, these steps can help you protect your property as you wait for help to arrive.

Tip 3: Make sure you avoid plumbing teams with a bad reputation
If you’re planning on considering other plumbers, we strongly recommend avoiding plumbers who do not have a strong reputation among their past customers.

At Performance Plumbing, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort over the years to ensure our customers are happy with our work, and we think our reputation on online review platforms like Yelp reflects our efforts.

If you want to make sure your plumbing repairs are in trusted hands, we suggest sticking to a trusted name like Performance Plumbing, otherwise you may need to expect results that are less than exceptional.

Tip 4: Make sure your plumber has professional qualifications
Another tip for anyone considering other plumbers is to be sure to check for professional qualifications and insurance.

At Performance Plumbing, we’re proud to protect our customers by being fully insured, and we always maintain our professional license. While problems are extremely rare for us, we feel better knowing that our customers have more peace of mind by choosing us rather than uninsured, unlicensed freelancers.

Tip 5: Request an estimate before any agreements are made
Before you have any work start on your plumbing repairs, be sure to ask for a free estimate if you want to get an idea of what the costs and time needed will be like. At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to provide a free estimate up front before customers agree to move forward, so make sure you request one if desired.