Working with the right Atherton plumbing companies can save you both time and money, but knowing which companies to choose can be difficult. Performance Plumbing has put together these basic, but important, tips to help you find the best Atherton plumbing companies to help you with your upcoming plumbing projects.

Always, Always Use a Licensed Plumber

Going with a licensed plumber has a number of benefits. Hiring a licensed plumber means that the company/plumber in question has taken and passed all the required courses and exams to become licensed. In the state of California, all plumbers must be licensed. A qualified professional will have no problem sharing their license number with you. If a company is unwilling to share their license number or is not licensed, find one that is. Performance Plumbing displays its California license number on our website.

Dig Around for Reputation Information

It’s always nice to know who you’re working with. Do some research on the Atherton plumbing companies you’re considering hiring. Don’t just check the reviews on their website, check public domains like Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, etc. You’re likely to get more honest reviews on public sites. If the majority of customers are satisfied with the services they were provided, likeliness is that you will be too. Remember that no company or person is perfect, and a few bad reviews doesn’t mean the company is bad. Read the negative comments and see what the cause was behind their bad experience. It could have just been miscommunication, a difficult project or hard-to-please client.

Insurance is Important

Make sure whatever plumbing company you hire is insured. Insurance not only protects the company, but also you as the client. Note that in the state of California, plumbing companies are only required to have insurance for workers compensation. Although, a good, responsible plumbing company will have other insurance like general liability as well. Even the most professional plumbing company experiences accidents, and if one occurs in your home, you want to make sure they have insurance that will cover it.

The More Services The Better

Finding a good plumbing company that can address a wide range of plumbing issues can help you in the long run. Today you might only be dealing with a clogged drain or a leaky water heater, but if you can find a company that can help you with a water heater replacement project too, you’ve saved yourself the hassle of having to conduct a new search for a new plumber. In addition to a comprehensive list of services, find a company that offers emergency 24/7 services.

Free Estimates and Clear Rates

Any professional Atherton plumbing company worth their money will provide a free estimate and clearly state their rates. The last thing you want is to be handed a bill with a bunch of unidentified costs and a plumber that won’t tell you where the numbers are coming from. Estimates should be free, and if they aren’t, find a different plumber. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding service fees and make sure the company is open about their charges.

Schedule a Free Estimate With Performance Plumbing

Now that you know what to look for in a plumbing company, contact Performance Plumbing to schedule a free estimate. At Performance Plumbing, we’re more than happy to address your plumbing needs and answer any plumbing questions you may have. Call or email our qualified professional plumbers today!