Maybe you’ve considered it but don’t really understand why you should switch to an Atherton tankless water heating system. Performance Plumbing is here to help! In this blog post we give you 5 reasons to switch to an Atherton tankless water heating system today!

1. Tankless Water Heaters are More Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill—a tankless water heating system can help. Unlike a traditional storage tank water heater, that is constantly running to keep water at temperature, a tankless water heater only turns on when it is in use. As a result, tankless water heaters can result in huge monthly savings! The U.S. Department of Energy estimates homeowners could experience up to 50% energy savings if a tankless water heating unit (also known as demand-type water heater) is installed on every hot water outlet throughout the house.

2. You’ll Never Run Out of Hot Water

There’s nothing worse than having to take a cold shower because you’ve run out of hot water. With tankless water heating you never have to worry about that happening. This is because unlike traditional storage-type water heater tanks that have a limited amount of hot water (on average about 40 to 50 gallons), a tankless water heating unit will continue to heat water as long as the hot water tap is on.

So what’s the catch? While a tankless water heater does offer an endless supply of hot water, it may affect the water flow rate. This can be overcome, however, by installing multiple tankless water heating units throughout your home.

3. Tankless Water Heaters Require Less Maintenance

Maintenance is a necessary evil if you want to get the most out any of your appliances. Luckily, tankless water heaters don’t require much. Annual maintenance is still recommended for tankless water heating systems. Depending on the hardness of your water, your unit may require maintenance more than once a year. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on maintaining your tankless unit. If you’re unsure what to do, call a professional plumbing service like Performance Plumbing to help you.

4. Tankless Water Heaters Have a Longer Lifespan

Tankless water heaters can “live” up to 20 years. That’s double the time of a traditional storage unit, which has an average lifespan of 10 years. This is great news for homeowners that don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing out their water heater every decade. The longer lifespan does come at a higher initial cost, though. Tankless water heating units are more expensive than traditional storage-type water heaters; however, the longer lifespan and energy savings over the years will make up for the higher upfront cost.

5. Tankless Water Heaters Take up Less Space in Your Home

Something you might not have considered is the aesthetic reason for going tankless. Tankless water heating units are significantly smaller than a giant 50-gallon storage tank in your garage or water closet—they’re also sleeker looking. If you’re looking to save space, tankless water heating is a great option. Electric tankless water heating units are even small enough to fit under a sink!

If you’re still not quite convinced that an Atherton tankless water heating system is right for you, contact Performance Plumbing to answer any lingering questions you may have. Our qualified expert plumbers are more than happy to guide you through your tankless water heating transition. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set up an appointment.