Probably one of the most major plumbing installations that every property needs at some point, it’s important to know how to ensure a smooth water heater installation for your Cupertino property. To help you prepare, we’ve created this guide to water heater installation in Cupertino that should get you pointed in the right direction.

Remember, if you need help at any time or want specific answers to specific questions, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email — our friendly staff is always happy to help!

Most People Should Avoid Doing it Themselves
A surprising number of people attempt to install water heaters without any prior knowledge or training, and a much smaller percentage of those people can actually do it successfully. However, we find that most customers come to us realizing the project is actually quite big (and potentially dangerous for untrained people), and they need professional assistance. Unfortunately there are also times where we see poorly or unprofessionally trained water heaters that lead to problems, which we get called to fix. Therefore, we strongly suggest you get help from a reputable professional plumber like Performance Plumbing, unless you happen to be well-trained and experienced in water heater installations.

Choose a Suitable Type of Water Heater
There are many types of water heaters to choose from, so it’s important to choose the best fit for your specific needs.

Most people doing a standard water heater installation should go with the most common choice — the tradtitional storage tank water heater.

Another option is tankless or on-demand water heaters, but these tend to be costly up-front to purchase and install. They may save a small amount of money gradually over time, because they can be energy efficient and eco-friendly, but they may not be suitable for locations that need hot water in two places at the same time due to a limited flow rate of hot water.

Other options include mobile home water heaters and point-of-use or utility water heaters, which are used for smaller, on-location needs like outbuildings or garages.

If you’re unsure which type of water heater you need, remember that you can always talk to a professional plumbing expert like Performance Plumbing, who can help explain your options in detail.

Make Sure the Water Heater Uses the Right Fuel Source
Another basic but important consideration is what type of fuel source your property is set up to support. Whether it’s electric, gas, propane, or some other fuel source, you’ll want to choose the appropriate type of water heater to match. This is also one of the reasons why installing a water heater can be dangerous for an unqualified person — there are risks with electricity and gas that a professional plumber like Performance Plumbing will know how to work around properly to avoid potential hazards to you and those close to you.

Ensure the Water Heater Fits the Space Correctly
Probably one of the last things you could want to encounter is choosing a water heater that doesn’t fit the space you have for it. You’d probably need to return it and start over again, so be sure to choose the right size and shape for the area you need to install it in, and make sure there’s enough space around it as well.

Partner with a Professional Plumber
As you’ve probably seen by now, performing a successful water heater installation does require some careful planning and consideration. We recommend partnering with a professional plumber from the outset, so you can get expert advice and guidance from the very start. If you’re ready to get started or need additional information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a quick email — we’re always happy to help and one of our friendly plumbing experts will be glad to assist.