Since our ultimate goal at Performance Plumbing is to help all of our customers keep their plumbing systems as clean and functional as possible, we’ve prepared some simple tips for drain cleaning Palo Alto residents can use. These tips for drain cleaning Palo Alto households can try may actually help you remedy basic plumbing problems without the need for calling us and having us dispatch an expert for a small issue.

If you find these tips helpful, print them out and keep them handy in your home so you know what to do when you run into a basic plumbing problem. In addition, share these tips with your friends and family to help keep them informed and prepared for their next plumbing problem.

First, Try the Plunger
If you don’t own a plunger, you should definitely buy one as soon as possible. This simple and inexpensive tool is actually extremely effective for many basic plumbing issues. Plungers can be effectively used for toilets, sinks and shower and tub drains, particularly for objects that get lodged in piping. Of course, things can get a little dirty, so be sure to gear up with gloves if necessary. If this solution doesn’t work for you, feel free to give us a call and we can quickly drop by and help you out.

Method 2: Use a Brine Solution (Very Strong Salt Water)
A brine solution is essentially very salty water, which can be poured down any sink to help eliminate foul odors. In addition, these solutions can prevent grease buildup in drains, making it particularly useful for kitchen drains. Remember that cooking oil or grease can clog your pipes as fats cool and solidify, then harden and build up along pipe walls like arteries.

Try Vinegar and Baking Soda
This simple home remedy derived from common household items can be surprisingly effective in cleaning drains. The combination of ingredients reacts inside the pipe and dissolves materials that are creating blockages without doing any damage to your pipes. This solution is also a great alternative to chemical cleaners that many people are uncomfortable with resorting to. As an added bonus, vinegar and baking soda also help to alleviate bad odors in pipes. To use this method, first pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain followed by half a cup of vinegar, then pour hot water down the drain. The ensuing reaction between the ingredients should being to take effect immediately.

If these three methods don’t resolve your plumbing problems, you likely have a more complex issue and we recommend calling a professional like Performance Plumbing to take a look at your situation. Our friendly team of trained plumbing experts has years of experience and can help diagnose and solve the problem. In addition, we can easily answer any questions you may have about the problems you’re experiencing so you’ll never be left confused. With our expert knowledge and full arsenal of tools, no problem is too difficult for us to conquer!