Blockages or slowness in drains can be a real headache, leading many people to quickly seek out services for drain repair Bay Area homes can call up for quick help. However, some of our customers like to do research first so we’ve put together some tips for drain repair Bay Area residents can use to educate themselves about drain problems.

Whether you’ve simply got questions you need answered or need to schedule an appointment for drain repair, remember that our friendly staff is happy to take your call or answer your email to help in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what your needs are.

First, Know Your Drain Problem
Drain problems can come in many forms. Some of the most common problems are simply foreign objects or debris being caught up in the pipe or drain, blocking water from flowing through the pipe. Anything from hair to fatty oils and food can be the culprit, or in the case of toilets toilet paper, paper towels, and anything else people try to flush can be the problem. In these situations, the solution is usually to simply remove the obstructing objects, which can actually be more difficult than it sounds – a classic case of easier said thandone.

Another common drain problem is broken pipes, which can be due to poor installation, wear and tear, or tree roots. In this situation, most people opt to have a professional like Performance Plumbing take care of repairs since it’s not a simple task for the common layperson.

Quick Fixes for Basic Drain Problems
If you’re facing a basic obstruction with your drain, the quickest and simplest solution is to first try a plunger. You may be surprised to find that this common plumbing tool can actually solve most basic clogs, as it forces water through the pipe with enough strength to typically dislodge most basic obstructions that are behind the most common clogs. Simply place the plunger over the drain in your sink, bath, shower, toilet, or other location and push down swiftly. The plunger will take the water that’s been backed up above the drain and force it down along with most debris. If this method doesn’t work, you probably have a more serious drain issue that will require a professional plumber like Performance Plumbing.

How to Choose a Plumber
If the plunger method didn’t work, it’s probably time to find a professional plumber – but many people are unsure of where to start. First, make sure you pick a trustworthy plumber that other people in your area would recommend. If you don’t have anyone reliable to ask for a reference or simply don’t have time to call around friends and family, search for the plumber on Yelp. You’ll find that a dependable plumber like Performance Plumbing has a good solid track record on Yelp with many positive reviews.

Next, be sure to choose a properly credentialed and equipped plumber. At Performance Plumbing, we’re proud to be a fully licensed plumber, and we recommend only choosing plumbing companies with full plumbing licenses. In addition, the plumber you choose should have all the tools to get the job done right. At Performance Plumbing, we always arrive fully prepared for the job with all kinds of equipment, from rooters to wrenches, so can rest assured that there won’t be any problem we can’t solve.

If you’ve still got questions or are ready to schedule an appointment for professional plumbing help, give us a call and our friendly team of experience plumbers will be happy to help you out.