If you’re experiencing serious problems with your plumbing, inadequate sewer & drain maintenance may have contributed to the problem. Call us as soon as possible to get us to fix the problem immediately, but also be sure you use these sewer & drain maintenance tips that we’ve prepared to prevent future problems. We strongly suggest you print out these tips and keep them in a highly visible place in your home so everyone in your household can remember them. Be sure to also share this page with your friends to help them also avoid plumbing headaches – they’ll thank you later when they see the real benefits of these tips!

Hot Water Can Help Prevent Clogging When Used Correctly
For kitchen sinks and laundry tub lines, regularly filling up the sink or tub with hot water and then letting it drain can help prevent clogs by filling the entire pipe instead of only the bottom of the pipeline, and pushes any debris to the main pipeline. If regular use of this method doesn’t clear your piping, you’ll want to give us a call to take care of what is likely a more serious blockage.

Don’t Use Chemicals on a Regular Basis
Hot water is the safest substance that you can use regularly to help clear pipes. Chemical cleaners often contain harsh acids and other chemicals that can create further problems and damage for your drain lines over time. Though they can sometimes provide temporary fixes, overuse can truly lead to larger problems.

Use a Drain Strainer to Prevent Hair Clogs in Showers and Bathtubs
A great way to keep hair from clogging showers and bathtubs in your house is by using a simple drain strainer. Simply place the strainer at the opening of the drain and regularly clean it to prevent hair and other debris from entering the pipe. If water still pools up and doesn’t drain, you’ll likely need to give us a call to have us clear out a deeper clogging issue.

How to Fix Bad Smells and Odors in Your Garbage Disposal
Bad smells and foul odors in garbage disposals are usually a result of built up food and debris in the disposal that starts to rot. To help eliminate these unpleasant smells, first put ice cubes and lemon or orange peels into the disposal and run it for about 30 seconds. After that, pour one to two tablespoons of liquid dish soap into the disposal while it’s still running. Finally, run cold water to rinse excess debris for about one minute.

Prevent Blockage Due to Tree Roots
Tree roots love to grow into the cracks in piping, thriving on the plentiful water and nutrients that pass through the pipes. Blockages from tree roots can be a real headache, so give us a call every six months or so to have us run a rooter device through the pipe to cut up the tree roots before they can completely take over your pipes.

Remember that if you’re currently facing a plumbing problem, you should give us a call to get it resolved quickly. To prevent future plumbing problems, print out these tips and try to stick to a regular sewer & drain maintenance schedule. Don’t forget to also share these tips with your friends, who will also be grateful for your help in keeping everyone’s water flowing the way it should.