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When customers call us up about a plumbing problem they’re experiencing, oftentimes we find that they’re looking for rooter service San Francisco residents would recommend to friends and family. As a result, they usually turn to us knowing that for years we’ve provided rooter service San Francisco homeowners trust and depend on to get their plumbing running properly again. If you’re in need of rooter service in San Francisco, we highly recommend you give us a call right away to have one of our friendly experts sent out to quickly take care of your problem.

However, if you’re unsure whether or not you need rooter services, you’re not alone — we often find that a lot of residents aren’t sure exactly what a rooter is or how it functions. At the same time, those who do have a general idea of what a rooter is still have additional questions that any naturally curious homeowner would be expected to have.

To help our clients better understand our rooter service, here’s some information to help you better understand what a rooter is.

What does a rooter do exactly? When the plumbing of a home or other building experiences heavy stoppages, simply using a plunger or other basic tools around the opening of the piping is simply not sufficient to address the problem. In these cases, the stoppage may be deep inside the pipe and hard to get to with shorter tools. As you’ve probably already guessed, the solution is the rooter – a long metallic cable that rotates to cut through materials that may be causing blockages in plumbing. Because the device is quite lengthy, it can effectively reach clogs deep inside of piping. Since the rooter is a long line with bulbous metal wires at the head, it’s often called a “Plumber’s Snake.”

Why is it called a rooter? The first rooters were developed in the 1920’s by a man who needed to clear the inside of a pipe that was clogged with tree roots that had grown through cracks in a pipe and thrived in the moist environment provided by the inside of the pipe. Rooters continue to be used in modern times to clear out roots that grow into pipes in this manner.

What does it look like and how does it function? If you’re curious to see a rooter in action, check out the video below. Note that this video is not a replacement for an instructional video, but merely a demo of a product. There are important safety measures to take when using rooters, so please do not attempt to use one untrained. Also, the rooters we use may be different, so be aware that this is simply an example for your personal knowledge.

As you can see from the information and video above, rooters can be a very effective tool for clearing out difficult blockages in plumbing. With our professional tools and expert training in the operation of rooters, there’s no better solution to your difficult plumbing blockage than to have us handle it for you.

Call us today and we’ll send out a knowledgeable professional equipped with the right rooter to clear up your both your pipes and your plumbing headaches.