If you’re in need of help with Alameda plumbing repairs, there are a few things you should know before you get started. Since we’re known for the quality of our Alameda plumbing repairs, our team of plumbing professionals has collaborated to provide you with this quick guide to help you find the best solution for your plumbing repairs.

For emergencies, act immediately
Always keep in mind that when you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, you should call us immediately for our 24-hour service, 7 days per week.

Plumbing emergencies can cause extensive damage to your property, so it’s crucial to get the emergency resolved as quickly as possible.

If possible, we also highly recommend that you disable the water on your property via the main water shutoff valve. This should help limit damage from any leaking water.

Do what you can to limit any damage
Whether or not your plumbing issues constitute an emergency, you should take whatever steps you can to limit damage before someone can work on the repairs.

Usually the simplest and most effective option is to use the main water shutoff valve to stop the flow of water throughout the property, which should stop any leaks from continuing to spill water.

For the water that has already leaked, you may want to try to soak it up with rags, sponges, and other absorbent material and try to remove it into a bucket, sink, or tub. Try to keep the affected area well ventilated with airflow to help with evaporation of the water.

Look for a plumber with a strong reputation
Next, find a reliable plumber who can help you quickly and effectively resolve your plumbing repair needs.

At Performance Plumbing, we’ve worked hard over the years to earn a reputation as one of the best options around for plumbing repairs, so we strongly suggest you start by reviewing the online customer review profiles of plumbers you’re considering working with on websites like Yelp.

Check for license and insurance
In addition to reputation, checking that the plumber holds a formal license and insurance is also important.

At Performance Plumbing, we know that having a professional license signals to customers that we take our trade seriously, while having full insurance helps reassure customers that their property is safeguarded no matter what unexpected situations arise during the repair process.

Ideally plumbing repairs never lead to bigger problems, but any serious plumber will have insurance for the peace of mind and protection of their customers.

A free estimate should be expected as standard
Finally, a free estimate should be considered par for the course when you’re talking to professional plumbers.

At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to explain all of the labor and material costs in detail before our customers agree to any commitments, so you should expect the same from any plumber you talk to.

Ready to get started? Simply give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.