Regardless of whether or not the plumbing issues are urgent, it can be stressful for any homeowner to find themselves needing help with Newark plumbing repairs. As one of the best teams around for Newark plumbing repairs, we wanted to share some of our expert knowledge by preparing these quick tips to help you navigate this typically stressful situation.

Act immediately for emergency plumbing situations
Having a plumbing emergency where damage is actively occurring or costs could rise if not resolved soon? Call us immediately for our 24 hour emergency plumbing repair services, available 7 days a week. One of our friendly plumbing professionals will field your call and help talk you through any short-term steps you need to take, while we get en route to your location as quickly as possible.

It is absolutely crucial to address plumbing emergencies as quickly as possible, so make sure you don’t delay. When water is leaking or other damage is occurring, it can quickly and exponentially grow worse without the right fixes in place.

Turn off the water if necessary
If water is spilling in unmanageable places, you should probably attempt to shut off the water valve for that area, or for the entire property via the main water shutoff valve.

Many plumbing fixtures have a shutoff valve near the location of the fixture, which usually looks like a chrome knob (although it isn’t always chrome). You can try turning this valve clockwise, to the right, to shut off the water to that local area. If that doesn’t stop the water spillage, try the main water shutoff valve for the entire property.

The main water shutoff valve is usually in the garage or a utility closet, sometimes outside of the interior structure. In cooler climates, it’s usually located indoors. The main shutoff valve is usually brass and has a round handle, often colored red, but of course it’s important to keep in mind that appearances can vary. Once you’ve located it, you can turn the valve clockwise, to the right, to shut off water to the entire property.

Remember that if either valve that you attempt to turn is difficult or seems stuck, you may need to use a tool for grip, such as workers gloves or a wrench in some very difficult cases.

If needed, you can also drain fixtures and related pipes by turning on faucets and directing water into exit routes that it should be intended to flow into.

Do whatever damage control is possible
If damage has occurred or is occurring, it’s also a good idea to try to treat the area affected to some extent. Soak up as much water as possible using tools like rags, buckets, and vacuums.

Use fans and heaters to ventilate the area, and be sure to open windows if possible to allow for the humidity to escape and to bring in dry air to take the moisture away.

For non-urgent plumbing repairs, spend some time finding a good plumber
If the plumbing repairs you need help with are not urgent and damage is not occurring or at a high risk of occurring, you can spend a little more time researching a quality plumber to help you out.

We recommend you check for a plumber with a high overall customer satisfaction rating, like our team at Performance Plumbing. We’re proud of our strong reputation in the community, so we urge you to aim for the same high standard of performance. In addition, be sure to check out that the plumber you’re considering is licensed and insured, and has completed repairs in the past that are similar to what you need done now.

Ready to get started with your plumbing repairs? Give us a call or reach out to us via email and our friendly staff will be happy to help.