Want to make sure that you get a great result from your Union City shower installation project? Our Union City shower installation experts know that everyone could use a little help now and then, so we’ve put together this quick set of tips to help you make your project a success.

Check out various products
You may have some ideas about showers based on your existing experience, but it’s always a good idea to check out various products that are on the market, especially if you haven’t seen the latest trends or new products.

We highly recommend both going in person to check out products, and also browsing online at the many options that exist out there.

If you ever want a second opinion about products or need someone to explain the pros and cons of the various product options, feel free to give us a call or send us an email with your questions.

Take note of examples you like
Beyond checking out products on the market, it’s also very useful to check out examples of other shower installation projects that you find appealing.

Without much effort, you can easily hop onto social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest and find a wide range of beautiful, enticing shower installation examples to help inspire you.

Gather a few examples of what you like, and feel free to talk it over with one of our team members if you have questions about cost or feasibility.

Consider who will be using the shower
While choosing a shower for installation, it is extremely important to consider who will be using the shower. If the shower is in your home and you’re going to be sharing it with the other people in your home, you may want to gather some opinions from the others who will be using the shower.

Some people may need specialization, for example older individuals may feel more comfortable with a seat or handrail. Larger people may want a more spacious design and might feel cramped in a compact shower design.

If you’re planning to rent or sell the property in the near future, it’s usually best to go with a conventional design and average fit, unless you’re specifically trying to make a cutting-edge or especially high-end custom design.

Check out the space you’ll be installing into
Making sure the shower you pick fits the space you’ll be installing is important as well.

When we say that the shower should fit into the space, we also mean that it needs enough surrounding space so that the bathroom can be comfortably used.

For example, choose shower doors that don’t interfere with other doors or fixtures like cabinets. In some small bathrooms, a compact shower design might be better than a full bathtub plus shower combination, for example.

Talk to a pro about budget and what fits your needs
No matter what type of showers you end up considering, we highly recommend talking your shower installation needs with one of our home improvement plumbing experts. Our friendly team members are always happy to hear from you, so give us a call or send us an email today!