When you’re looking to enhance your property with a new plumbing project, it’s important to find the right Menlo Park home improvement plumber to get the job done right. Our team has created these quick tips for finding a Menlo Park home improvement plumber you can count on by simply starting with these basic considerations.

If you find that you’re still have questions as you read on or need specific advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a quick email — our team of friendly plumbing experts is always happy to get you the help you need.

Find Someone Who has Done Similar Home Improvement Projects in the Past
Not all plumbers have the same experience level — for example some plumbers specialize in quick fixes and small jobs, while others may focus on only residential or commercial types of properties. The last thing you’ll want to do is choose a plumber who hasn’t done a similar project to yours in the past, so be sure to ask any plumber you consider if they’ve done many home improvement jobs like yours before. Don’t be shy — ask them for details about how the project went, if there were any challenges, and if there’s anything you or they need to do to prepare ahead of time. You should be able to get some sense of their proficiency based on how much knowledge they can demonstrate to you.

Choose a Fully Licensed Plumbing Professional
This might seem basic, but many people overlook checking to see if the plumber is a fully licensed professional, like our team at Performance Plumbing. The reason we emphasize having a plumbing license is because many handymen or freelancers don’t have formal training and learn as they go, which means they sometimes don’t pick up best practices. While this isn’t always a big problem for small fixes, it becomes even more important with home improvement projects. For example, a self-taught freelancer might know how to unclog your bathroom sink, but might not know how to go about completely remodeling your entire bathroom. A licensed plumbing professional is simply more trained and more likely to know how to get things done the right way compared to an unlicensed counterpart.

Make Sure the Plumber has a Solid Reputation
At Performance Plumbing, we’re proud to have built a name for ourselves over the years as one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the region. Our strong reputation and reviews on websites like Yelp are a testament to the fact that we really go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy with our work on every job we take. As you search for someone to help you with your home improvement plumbing project, make sure you don’t settle for anything less — choose a plumber that has a strong online reputation and watch out for negative comments about home improvement projects that might signal the plumber is not right for the job you need done.

On to the Next Steps
If you’re ready to get started or simply need more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Our friendly staff is happy to help you out with anything from home improvement advice to providing a free no-obligation quote for your project. Give us a call today and find out why so many Menlo Park residents turn to us as their preferred home improvement plumbers.