When thinking about ways to improve a property, a lot of local residents overlook projects for outdoor plumbing San Mateo properties can benefit from. If you’re brainstorming ideas for outdoor plumbing San Mateo property owners like you can use to enhance a property, check out the list of ideas below that can help provide you with inspiration and some ideas you probably haven’t considered before.

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Optimizing your sprinkler system for your property can be a great way to ensure your property looks as good as possible throughout the year. It’s important to make sure the system doesn’t lead to an uneven distribution of water, so that it doesn’t create pooling or flooding of water in particular areas while neglecting other regions of your property. Whether you’re maintaining a fine lawn or a carefully planned garden, having the right sprinkler system design can be a key part of your success.

Drainage system
Poorly designed drainage can lead to property damage during floods or heavy rains, so it’s important to make sure your property is set up for optimal drainage. Water should be directed away from your property as much as possible as it flows downhill, and should not be allowed to collect anywhere on your property where it could pool or seep into structures, causing damage. Designing your drainage system correctly ahead of time can avoid costly problems and headaches in the future. When it’s difficult to address pooling, a sump pump can also be a helpful way to pump water out of an area and redirect it away from the property.

Exterior faucets
Outdoor-facing faucets can be useful for all kinds of activities, from mobile sprinklers to washing your car and even fun activities like water balloon battles. Making sure you have adequate, smartly placed exterior faucets can be a big help.

Outdoor kitchen
Have a boundless passion for cooking or simply do a lot of entertaining outdoors? Take advantage of California’s famously hospitable weather and consider installing an outdoor kitchen. Having a barbecue rig is great, but with a little additional work around plumbing to get hot and cold water going, you suddenly have a full kitchen outdoors for your family and entertaining guests. A great deal of cooking and cooking-related cleaning depends on a water source, so having a sink can be a transformative piece that enables passionate cooks to have a full outdoor kitchen.

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