A high-quality shower installation project can really improve the quality of a home for anyone using the shower on a regular basis, which is why so many of our customers come to us looking for help with their Lafayette shower installation needs. To help all of our customers better prepare for their Lafayette shower installation project, our team has compiled these simple pro tips that should help you out in your planning.

Avoid the temptation of DIY
For nearly all homeowners, a do-it-yourself project is probably not a realistic option for a complex home improvement plumbing project like a shower installation.

We highly recommend working with a professional home improvement plumbing team like our fully-insured, experienced team at Performance Plumbing.

Ironically, for the small percentage of homeowners who attempt a DIY shower installation without sufficient experience, the process can become more time consuming and costly compared to working with a skilled professional who can get the job done efficiently and on budget.

Some simple home improvement repairs or upgrades can be a DIY project, but we would suggest avoiding this route for a project as complex as a shower installation.

Consider where the shower will be installed and how it will be used
The most important starting point for planning a shower installation is to begin with where the shower will be installed and what people need to get from the shower when they use it.

Shower designs come in various shapes and sizes, and with various fixtures, but not all designs fit all spaces. It’s important to consider the space where you’re installing the shower, including what usable space you’ll need surrounding the shower for moving fixtures like doors, shelves, and for people to generally perform tasks in.

It’s also important to consider who is using the shower. For example, more elderly users may need additional stabilization grips to safely get in and out of the shower, or a seat to relax on while taking a shower. Larger folks may need a larger design, and a secondary or auxiliary shower may be fine with a more compact design that doesn’t need to include a bathtub.

Identifying the location and users of the shower will help guide your project to success as you consider designs and materials for the shower.

Educate yourself about your options
When it comes to shower installations, there are a wide range of options on the market. The good news is, you can review a lot of information very quickly online.

We recommend starting out checking Pinterest and Instagram for examples of shower installations you like, and then checking out home improvement store websites to better understand products on the market.

If you’ve got time, it’s also great to go to showrooms and interact with products physically and see them in person.

Find the right home improvement plumber to work with
A key aspect of any shower installation project is the skill and proficiency of the person performing the installation.

At Performance Plumbing, our friendly team of home improvement plumbers are all highly experienced plumbers with experience in shower installations specifically. We’re also all fully insured, licensed plumbers with a professional attitude and approach.

If you’re ready to get started with your shower installation, be sure to give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will help you get started as quickly as possible!