Over the years, our team at Performance Plumbing has had the pleasure of helping local homeowners with their Castro Valley toilet installation needs. As one of the leading teams in Castro Valley toilet installation projects, we’ve made a name for ourselves for being skilled and knowledgeable in home improvement plumbing projects like toilet installations.

To help customers like you ensure a successful toilet installation project, we’ve put together these pro tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Design your toilet installation around the users
As you begin planning your toilet installation project, it’s important to start at the right place – the people who will be using the toilet.

If you know who will be using the toilet long-term, you may want to choose a toilet that fits them best. For example, larger folks may be far more comfortable on a toilet seat with a larger seating area, while smaller folks may prefer a more compact seat that can be easier for them to sit on. Some people also prefer more oval-shaped bowls, while others prefer a more circular design.

If you’re not sure who will be using the toilet long-term or the toilet will be in a general area where all kinds of guests may use it, you may want to choose a more general toilet design. This is often the best choice if you’re planning to sell or rent the home in the near future.

Collect examples of toilet installation that you like
When it comes to toilet installation projects, there are a lot more designs out there than most people realize. However, it’s important to choose wisely when thinking about what toilet design you prefer.

We highly recommend choosing a toilet design that will endure over time, and isn’t a short-term trend in design and style. It’s also usually best to choose a toilet design that will best match the style of the bathroom it is installed into, as well as the home overall.

To get the best idea of what you like, you can hop online and check out social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to quickly review a lot of visuals. Be sure to narrow down your list as you go, so that you’re not left with an unmanageable list of examples.

Educate yourself about materials
After you have an idea of what you like in terms of design, you may want to take a moment to educate yourself about the materials used in various toilet products.

Of course, the best way to better learn about toilet materials is to go to a home improvement store or boutique store or specialized warehouse to interact with the products directly.

If you don’t have the time or opportunity to check out toilet products in person, you can check out examples online to get a better sense of what your options are. You can check out products and think about the various toilets you’ve interacted with in the past and how they felt based on what materials were used.

Discuss your ideas with a well-qualified professional
After you’ve got a sense of who will be using the toilet, what types of designs you like, and what materials and products you like, it’s best to discuss your findings with a well-qualified professional.

At Performance Plumbing, our team of fully licensed and insured plumbers is highly skilled and comes equipped with years of experience doing home improvement toilet installation projects. We also have an outstanding track record of customer satisfaction on review platforms like Yelp, so we strongly recommend you work with our team or at least settle for nothing less.

Get a free quote
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