We find that many of our customers are interested in how plumbing video inspection can help their San Mateo home, but often come to us with many questions on the subject. To help better inform our friends in San Mateo, we’ve prepared some basic information that should help explain how plubing video inspection can benefit San Mateo households.

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Is a Plumbing Video Inspection Right for My Home?
The use case scenario can be a little unclear for some people, but typically plumbing video inspections are used for deep blockages that are far beyond openings. The deeper the blockage, the harder it is to use tools to reach. A plumbing video inspection can help map out the pipes on your property from the inside, giving a first-person perspective of the insides and visually pinpointing exactly where the blockage occurs. Most of the time, these deep blockages are due to tree or shrub roots growing near the pipes, which grow into cracks and thrive in the moist, nutrient-rich insides of the pipe and eventually clog it.

So How Does a Plumbing Video Inspection Work?
Video inspections for plumbing is actually a non-destructive testing method because it involves using a very long and narrow cable with a camera and lights at the end. The camera transmits image back to a terminal so a technician (and you, if you’re curious) can see exactly what’s going on inside the pipe with visual documentation. While most of the analysis can be done live during the inspection process, the technician typically also records and saves the entire inspection for later review. Through this process, professionals can not only locate blockages, but also see any cracks or buildups that could result in problems later in the future.

Can I Do a Plumbing Video Inspection Myself?
We don’t recommend you attempt to perform this service yourself, mostly because it does largely depend on professional training and experience for identifying problems and it’s simply not cost-effective for homeowners. The equipment involved can be costly, and since typical homes don’t need to frequently perform plumbing video inspections, it’s better to pay a professional a lesser fee for the service.

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