A lot of our customers are unsure about sewer maintenance San Mateo homeowners need to have performed. To help clarify things, we’ve put together some of the most important information about sewer maintenance San Mateo households need to know about.

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Have Your Home Sewer System Inspected and Pumped
Many plumbing experts recommend you have your sewer system inspected every three years, and have the septic tanks pumped when necessary as this is the most common cause of home sewer failure. Remember that if the septic tank becomes excessively filled with solids, the wastewater will not have adequate time to settle in the tank.

Not Performing Routine Maintenance Can Have Big Costs Later
Maintenance is the single most important aspect to keeping your home sewer system functioning properly, yet many homeowners don’t even think about it or consider it a necessity. Even if you haven’t yet had big problems with your septic tank, solid materials settle to the bottom of the tank and form a sludge layer. Most properly designed home septic tanks have enough space for about three years of safe accumulation of this sludge, but when the sludge exceeds this point, the sewage has significantly reduced time to settle before properly exiting the tank. As a result, more solid wastes simultaneously escape into the drain field or drain line and can create clogging that can lead to backed up plumbing or unsanitary wastewater bubbling back up to the surface of pipes. Allowing this to occur can result in the costly need to replace the entire septic tank – a cost that can be avoided with proper maintenance.

Keep Organized Records
Make the most of your inspections and services by keeping organized records of all inspections, pumpings and repairs. Also, knowing the location of your home sewer system is a fundamentally important part of being a homeowner.

Take Care of Your Pipes
Don’t put grease or non-biodegradable materials down the sinks or toilets in your home, as doing so can thicken and clog pipes. In addition, strong chemicals like paint thinner, polyurethane, anti-freeze, pesticides, disinfectants or others can cause major upsets in the septic tank by killing the biological aspect of the system and create polluted surface or ground water. Small amounts of household chemicals like bleach may be used without damaging your system.

Remember that a lot of maintenance needs depend on factors like household size and size of pipes and tanks. Having help from a professional plumbing company like Performance Plumbing can really help you get down to the bottom of what you need for your specific sewer system. Call us today and we’ll help you take care of your sewer maintenance needs and our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.