Every now and then, everyone finds that an unexpected plumbing problem will crop up, leading to the need to find quality help for Milpitas plumbing repairs. As one of the top experts in Milpitas plumbing repairs, our team at Performance Plumbing has put together these quick tips to help you make the right choice to get your plumbing issues fixed quickly and correctly.

Tip #1: Don’t Delay, Especially in Emergencies

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, you should call us immediately for our 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We’ll send someone to your location right away so your plumbing problem will be fixed as quickly as possible.

Preventing delays is important, even if your plumbing problem isn’t an emergency. Even small leaks can become big problems if they go unaddressed, leading to much bigger problems like mold growth or extensive water damage that can be costly to correct or drag down the value of your property.

Tip #2: Call a Quality Pro

It’s important to find a well-qualified plumbing professional to help you with your plumbing repairs.

First, make sure the professional you work with is fully licensed and insured. You should consider this the minimum requirement for whoever you choose, as every quality plumber who is truly dedicated to the professional will be licensed and fully insured for your protection should anything go awry unexpectedly.

Next, make sure the professional you work with has a strong reputation among customers. A strong team like ours at Performance Plumbing will have a high overall rating on website like Yelp with strong endorsements from customers in the comments related to the company.

Tip #3: Limit the Damage

As you’re waiting for the professional plumbing to arrive, take a moment to see if you can do anything to limit the damage of the plumbing problem you’re facing.

If you know where the master water valve is, you may want to disable water flow to the entire property temporarily until the issue is resolved.

For example, if there’s a leak, you may be able to use a bucket to catch the leaking water and prevent it from spreading into the surrounding property.

For any water that has already spilled, use absorbent rags or cloths to soak up the water and wring them above a drain like a sink or shower basin.

Finally, for some small issues a little duct tape can work wonders, so try to see if you have any duct tape that may help cover up leaks.

Tip #4: Try to do Preliminary Cleanup

The biggest issue with plumbing problems is usually water spilling into unintended areas in an uncontrolled way.

As we mentioned already, using rags or towels to soak up water and empty into drains is helpful, but you may also want to see if you have heaters or fans to help evaporate the water and dry the area where it seeped into. Opening windows to let the humidity escape can also help in some cases.

Tip #5: Do Another Final Check

Finally, now that the professional plumber is on the way and you’ve tried to mitigate the damage, do one last check to make sure you fully evaluated the problem and there wasn’t anything you missed. If you have other plumbing problems that have been less urgent but also present, you may also want to mention them to the plumber to see if they can all be fixed up at the same time.