When many of our customers ask us about our Millbrae shower installation services, two top concerns for them are often quality and value. As leading Millbrae shower installation experts, our team of plumbing professionals is always happy to lend advice when it comes to home improvement plumbing projects like shower installations.

To help you get the most from your Millbrae shower installation, we’ve put together this quick guide so you can get started on the right path.

First, take a look at what you’ve got to work with

Before you get too far into the process, first take a careful look at your current area where you plan to have the shower installation done.

Consider the size of the area, including height, width and length. This spacing is crucial in determining which shower options and configurations can actually fit in the area you have to work with.

Remember, at Performance Plumbing our team is always happy to lend advice when it comes to scoping out the size and area that you have to work with. We often consult our customers on what options on the market will do well with the area being worked with.

We’ve seen far too many pick shower options that fit when installed, but are functionally cramped when it comes time to actually use the shower. It’s not a comfortable sight to behold, so we prefer to help people avoid it when possible.

Next, check out what’s out there

The next step in planning your shower installation is to check out the options on the market.

These days, there are plentiful research tools available that make researching different designs, models and materials easy. Visually-based tools like Pinterest, Instagram and Google Image search are helpful, as well as home improvement blogs.

Being able to visually see examples can go a truly far way in terms of being able to conceptualize what the shower installation would look like in your home.

Consider the style of the room the shower installation is going in – whatever shower products you end up purchasing should complement the existing style, or whatever new style you’re building towards.

At Performance Plumbing, this is another area where we enjoy helping our customers out, as they often bring us visual examples of what they like and we can explain the costs, features and logistics of each choice.

Find the right professional to work with

For the vast majority of folks, shower installation usually isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of project. To make sure your shower installation goes perfectly, it’s crucial to hire the right help.

Check out Yelp and make sure any plumber you choose has a solid overall rating as well has plenty of strong supporting comments from past and current customers.

Avoid any plumbers who are unlicensed or uninsured, because in the rare event that something goes wrong, there may not be insurance in place to protect you.

At Performance Plumbing, we hold our team to high standards like these, so we believe you should settle for nothing less.

Get a free quote

Once you feel like you’re ready to move forward, it’s important to talk to a professional who can give you a free quote up front that explains all the labor and materials involved, with a full breakdown of costs before any work agreements are made.

At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to hear from you and provide a free estimate, so give us a call today and we’ll help you out right away!