Getting ready to start planning your Santa Clara sink installation project? With years of experience as a top Santa Clara sink installation team, our plumbing professionals at Performance Plumbing are always happy to lend our expert knowledge to customers like you.

To give you a little advanced knowledge as you start planning, our home improvement plumbing team has put together this quick guide to get you off to a strong start.

Look for quality products
Sinks are used frequently, so it’s important that you pick a quality sink product for your installation.

When we talk about sink quality, this can refer to a few things. First, durability matters overall and especially for sinks that perform a utility function like kitchen sinks.

Quality can also refer to the aesthetic value and the materials involved in the sink and its fixtures. For many of our Santa Clara customers, making sure the sink looks great and feels good to use are top priorities, so you may want to put some thought into the quality of products that you check out.

Make sure you pick the right fit
Not all homes have the same space allocated for sinks. While there are several common, standard sizes, it’s still not a one-size-fits all situation.

Be sure to carefully inspect the space you have to work with, because it will determine what types of sinks are even practical to install into the space.

No matter how much you love a particular sink design, it simply won’t work out if there isn’t the space to support it.

Don’t consider only the space that the sink itself will take up, but also consider the space around the sink where people may need functional space like counters, or for soap, towels, and other bathroom accessories.

Consider how the sink will be used
As alluded to already, the function of the sink really determines a lot about what type of sink you’ll want to choose.

Sinks that are used for tasks like cooking and cleaning dishes will need to be more durable and spacious, while bathroom sinks tend to be more elegant and personalized.

Think also about who will be using the sink. If you’re the primary user and the sink is in your master bathroom, for example, you have the freedom to choose exactly what works best for you with no need to worry about others.

However, if you pick a sink that is uncomfortable for guests, or renters, or prospective buyers if you plan to sell your property, you may want to go with a safer, more conventionial pick.

Gather a set of examples and consult with an expert
Once you’ve got the ideas around the parameters of the sinks that will work best for you, it’s easy to take a few minutes to hop online and check out examples of successful sink installations on Pinterest, Instagram, and other resources.

Once you have a set of examples of what you like and what you think might fit well in your location, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly plumbing experts can help you talk through the pros and cons of your options. We’re also always happy to provide a free estimate of cost and labor involved with no obligation at all, so we highly encourage you to talk to us today to get started!