Looking to remodel your East Palo Alto bathroom? A bathroom remodel in East Palo Alto can refresh your home while adding to its value. It can be an excellent investment for any homeowner. Before you get started, be sure to read these tips on how to ensure the process goes well and you avoid any unnecessary obstacles.

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Tip 1: Plan your new design

The first step is always to get a good idea of the scope of the work. You’ll have to consider factors such as the bathroom design and color, type of tile and bathroom fixtures. Decide if you’ll do the work yourself or hire an expert. But be forewarned that bathroom remodels require specialized tools and knowledge. It’s always a good idea to consult an expert.

Tip 2: Set a Budget

Now that you know what you want your bathroom to look like, you need to price it out and make sure that your vision and your budget align. Likely, you’ll have to make trade-offs on design features you’d like to have. That’s a natural part of the process and can help you identifies the aspects of the redesign which are a priority for you. The decisions you’ll make can be centered around the materials used as well as the different styles available.

Tip 3: Gather the materials

Once you’ve decided on a design, you can start gathering the materials, such as tiles and paint, that you’ll need. Before you invest too much in your materials, however, it may be a good idea to talk to an expert to ensure you’ve got the right tools for the job. You’ll want to have all the materials you need on hand before work begins to avoid any delays.

Tip 4: Talk to an expert you trust

Once you have an idea of how you’d like to design your bathroom, it’s time to speak to an expert to ensure that your vision and your budget are aligned. The type of changes that can affect the budget includes moving wiring or plumbing lines. Experts can also assess any damage that exists under your floor or inside your walls, which can also have an effect on the cost.

It’s essential that you choose to work with a well-qualified expert and avoid inexperienced or unprofessional plumbers. Focus on professional home improvement plumbing teams that are fully licensed and insured, like our team at Performance Plumbing. In addition, check for high scores on review websites like Yelp, which help distinguish top-performing teams like ours from those that don’t leave their customers satisfied.

Tip 5: Get a free quote

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