Not having a properly working shower can be a real headache, which is why many people come to us asking for tips on how to plumb a shower Daly City homeowners can use to clear up their plumbing

problems. We’ve assembled this guide to how to plumb a shower Daly City residents can learn from to get their shower back up and running like new again.

Step 1: Give Plungers a Try
Plungers aren’t called “A Plumber’s Best Friend” for nothing. Not only are they great for toilets, they can also be effective for all drains – including shower drains – in many cases. The application is basically the same – make sure the basin is filled with enough water first, then simply place the plunger squarely above the shower drain and press down. Doing this will force the water through the drain and hopefully take along any offending debris with it along the way. If you don’t have a plunger, consider buying one at a local hardware store – they’re super inexpensive and convenient to use.

Step 2: Try a Modified Coat Hanger
If you have old wire coat hangers in your household, try modifying one of them into a simple plunging tool. You can ‘hack’ the wire coat hanger into a useful tool by unraveling the wire, bending one end into a hook, and then lowering it into the drain to try to hook onto debris that you can then pull up and out of the drain to alleviate the clog. For this technique, you should strongly consider wearing rubber gloves and having a plastic trash bag ready, because it can get a little messy. This method is particularly effective for hair that has bunched up and clogged inside a pipe.

Step 3: Turn to a Trusty Plumbing Professional
If the first two methods don’t get the job done, or if you’re simply not a fan of trying them, give us a call. A trusty plumbing professional like Performance Plumbing will show up on time and fully prepared with a complete set of tools to get the job done fast and professionally. Choosing Performance Plumbing gets you a fully licensed plumber with all the skills, tools and experience to quickly diagnose and fix any issue, so you don’t need to do any head scratching or manual labor yourself – just sit back and let us take care of things for you!

Step 4: Try Prevention Techniques
Although most people have trouble practicing prevention until it’s too late, there are some tricks you can try. You can try pouring a gallon of boiling water down the shower drain each month to soften and break apart clogs before the form into big problems, and if you have hard water problems you can try buying a softener. Also, be mindful of preventing debris from getting into the drain in the first place and things should be much better.

Don’t stand around as the water backs up – if the tips above haven’t solved your problem, give us a quick call or email and we’ll be happy to send over a friendly plumbing expert who will show up to the job on tip and with all the tools needed to get you back to having an enjoyable showering experience again!