Whether you’re facing a plumbing problem or have a major plumbing improvement project you need someone reliable and dependable to complete, figure out how to find the right San Jose plumber isn’t always intuitive. To help you out, our plumbing experts have put together this guide to how to find the right San Jose plumber for your plumbing needs.

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Reputation Matters Most
At the end of the day, whether or not customers are happy with the work of a plumbing company is probably the strongest indicator of the quality of the plumbers work and level of professionalism. Check online review sites like Yelp, and only choose a plumbing company with a strong reputation like Performance Plumbing.

Positive reviews directly from past customers and a strong overall satisfaction rating can indicate that the plumbing company produces a high quality level of work and aims to make sure customers are happy with the work before the plumber leaves.

Avoid choosing a plumber with a negative reputation – this could indicate they don’t perform strong work when they take on plumbing jobs, and they may do the same when they show up to your job. In the world of plumbing, so many things can go wrong or be set up poorly, so be sure not to risk your project with a plumber that has a bad track record.

Check the Plumbing Company’s Qualifications
It might sound like a no-brainer, but choosing a plumbing company with the right qualifications can make a difference. A quality plumbing like Performance Plumbing takes the craft of plumbing seriously, and has the professional plumbing license to back it up. We strongly suggest you avoid unlicensed plumbers or contractors who may not be specialized in plumbing or confident enough to get a formal license to prove their dedication to plumbing.

Find Someone with Experience in San Jose
It’s a good idea to choose a plumber with extensive experience, and an even better idea to choose one who has that experience in San Jose. At Performance Plumbing, our many years of experience in the San Jose area have prepared us for all kinds of plumbing jobs from emergency plumbing fixes to new plumbing installation projects. Our experience in the area has made us well-prepared for the different types of structures in our region, so don’t settle for anyone with less experience in the area.

Don’t Forget Knowledge and Professionalism
When the plumber shows up to the job, they should be friendly and courteous – whether they’re showing up to your home or office, the right attitude can go a long way towards avoiding stress during the plumbing job. In addition, having a plumber who is knowledgeable and can explain problems and solutions to you can be very helpful for you when approaching plumbing problems or projects in the future. Your property is possibly the largest investment you may make in your lifetime, so be sure to pick someone like Performance Plumbing who can happily explain the details to you.

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