With so many plumbing options in the area, it can be confusing to find where to start in your search for the best Sunnyvale plumber for your home. To help you out, our team has created this quick guide to finding the best Sunnyvale plumber for your needs, so you can make sure your plumbing project goes smoothly.

Don’t forget that if you have questions or need immediate assistance, you can call us or email us right away and our team will get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

Make Sure the Plumber has a Good Reputation Among Customers
At Performance Plumbing, we believe customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal with every project we approach. We believe this because at the end of the day, our job is to make sure our customers’ plumbing needs are met – if they’re not satisfied, we likely didn’t do our job (luckily that pretty much never happens).

So when you’re researching your next plumber, make sure they have a strong reputation among their customers. Check online review sites like Yelp – if they’re as good as us at delivering customer satisfaction, they should have a strong star rating and positive, supportive reviews. Make sure you read for details to find hidden red flags or specific details you prefer or which might be relevant to your situation or project.

Make Sure They’re at Least Licensed
Just like you would make sure a dentist is licensed or an auto mechanic has some certifications, you’ll want to make sure the plumber you choose is fully licensed. Avoid unlicensed contractors who may not know what they’re doing – your plumbing system is a critical part of your property’s infrastructure, so it’s not worth risking it to an inexperienced worker. Our team of plumbing experts at Performance Plumbing is fully licensed and proud to have earned this mark of devotion to our professional craft. Don’t settle for anything less.

Check for Experience, Especially in the Local Area
We always recommend customers choose an experienced plumbing team who has years of experience, like our own at Performance Plumbing. Obviously, more experience generally means the plumber has seen and tackled a wider range of different projects or plumbing issues. This increases the probability that they’ve successfully worked on a job like yours, so they’ll know how to handle your needs. In addition, we suggest finding a plumber who has experience in the local area, because they’ll be more familiar with local structures and their plumbing systems. A plumber who is experienced, but has that experience in a very different region with different systems may be less familiar with how to properly handle your needs while working on your specific plumbing system.

Get Off to the Right Start
Ready to get started? Make sure you get your plumbing project off to the right start by calling or emailing us today. Our team of fully licensed, experienced plumbers is proud to have one of the best reputations in the area. Find out why our customers love us by getting in contact with us now!