Finding a basic plumber to make a quick fix or tighten up a small leak is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely to have a large-scale project that requires a good Palo Alto home improvement plumber. To help you find the best Palo Alto home improvement plumber for your plumbing project, we’ve created this guide based on our expert knowledge of the industry.

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The Basics: Choose a Fully Licensed Plumber
When starting your search for a plumber to handle your home improvement project, first cover the basics — choose a plumber who is fully licensed. At Performance Plumbing, we’ve worked hard to earn and maintain our plumbing license, because it demonstrates our professional competence in the craft of plumbing. It might be tempting to use a handyman for small plumbing fixes and odd jobs, but remember that the stakes are much higher when it comes to a home improvement project, and having an unlicensed plumber who doesn’t build to code or installs plumbing incorrectly can mean having to tear things up and start over later. Choose someone who is dedicated to plumbing specifically, as they’re more likely to have a much more detailed understanding of the requirements of your home improvement plumbing job.

Experienced With Similar Projects in the Past
Don’t just pick any fully licensed plumber — pick a plumber who has done several home improvement projects in the past. In fact, if you know the type of home improvement project you want to implement, try to find a plumber who has already done similar projects in the past. For example, if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom with new sink and shower fixtures, make sure the plumber you choose has done bathroom projects in the past — the more the better. Making sure the plumber’s previous experience is similar to what you need to have done means they’ll be better prepared for your project, having gone through similar steps in the past and working through similar challenges already.

Strong Yelp Reviews Make a Big Difference
In addition to professional knowledge and relevant experience, make sure the plumber you choose has strong customer reviews on online websites like Yelp. A strong plumber like Performance Plumbing who has a solid track record of customer satisfaction on Yelp has demonstrated the ability to make sure customer needs are met and satisfied. On the other hand, a plumber with a poor track record online likely didn’t do a good job of keeping customers happy. To dig a little deeper, read through customer comments to see if the customers mention anything about past work on home improvement projects or installations similar to what you’re looking for.

Pick a Plumber that Provides an Estimate Up Front Based on Your Budget
Before your home improvement plumbing project even starts, make sure the plumber is willing to provide an estimate up front so you know what costs will be involved before they get started. If necessary, you should also be able to mention your budget limitations and see if the plumber can work with your limitations. A good, honest plumber will do the best to give you as much bang for your buck, and won’t push you too hard if you have financial limitations.

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