Whether you’re in need of sump pump installation, repair or inspection, there are some common aspects to sump pumps that we usually advise our customers to use when they look for a company that provides sump pumps service Redwood City households can turn to. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about sump pumps service Redwood City households need to know about.

If you already know you need sump pumps services or simply have questions you want to ask, our friendly staff is always happy to help you out – we’re just a simple phone call or email away. If you have any questions as you read on, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

First, What is a Sump Pump, and Why Do I Need it?
A sump pump is an important tool that helps protect your property during heavy rain such as the storms that regularly pass through the Bay Area from time to time. Homeowners in Redwood City who are interested in safeguarding their properties during inclement weather will get sump pumps installed to remove water that has accumulated or pooled into a so-called “sump pit”, typically in crawl spaces or basements.

If you’ve never checked to see if you need a sump pump, you definitely will want to have an inspection done on your property, particularly around your basement and crawl spaces. A professional plumber like Performance Plumbing can actually design a sump pit nearby your basement and crawl spaces to redirect water into the sump pit, thereby preventing the water from threatening the property and essentially waterproofing your basement and crawl spaces. The sump pump is thus used to remove the water from the pit and safely redirect it elsewhere.

What Are the Benefits of Sump Pumps Services?
The benefits of sump pumps are many, and go a long way towards protecting your home. As mentioned before, sump pumps reduce the potential of damage to the foundation of your property and ensure the structural integrity of the foundation remains intact.

In protecting your home from water damage, sump pumps also help prevent fungus, mold and mildew from invading your home, helping to safeguard your family’s health from these threats. In addition, sump pump prevent rust and corrosion of metal structures, and helps maximize your property value. For all of these reasons and more, we strongly recommend getting a sump pump installed for many properties in Redwood City.

What if I Already Have a Sump Pump? What Other Services Are There?
If you already have a sump pump installed on your property, inspections and repairs are a crucial part of ensuring they stay in working order. Since sump pumps only take effect during heavy rain, you probably won’t notice if the sump pump has a problem until it’s too late and it malfunctions. If the sump pump isn’t in proper working order when the rains come, the sump pit may overflow with water and your property could be threatened by water infiltration, which is why inspections to ensure sump pumps are in good working order are important.

Additionally, there are several common problems that can occur with sump pumps that cause them to fail: a poor quality pump, incorrect installation of the sump pump, electrical issues that fully or partially disrupt performance, improper size of pump for the location, improper size of sump pit for the location, dirt and debris clogging the pump, and sump pump float failure. There are other issues yet that can cause a sump pump to malfunction, but the bottom line is you’ll want to make sure your sump pump is inspected and repaired well in advance of any major storm. A little prevention and maintenance every now and then can go a long way towards safeguarding against that one storm that could knock down your property value.

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