If you’re like most of our customers, you probably rarely think about how to find services for plumbing video inspection Daly City residents can count on. We’ve put together this guide to plumbing video inspection Daly City property owners like you can make use of because we know the process can be confusing unless someone explains it in plain terms.

A key part of our mission to be the best plumbers possible is to ensure our neighbors like you are as well-informed as possible, so remember that if you have any questions or need any clarification while reading this guide, don’t hesitate to give us a quick call or email and we’ll help you however we can. If you find this information helpful, be sure to share it with your friends via Facebook or email.

What Exactly is a Plumbing Video Inspection?
A plumbing video inspection involves using a specialized device to document the insides of your plumbing system. This device is essentially a long metal line with a high-quality video camera at the end that is fed through the pipes to visually record the inside of the pipelines to be analyzed by a plumbing professional.

As the video inspection is being conducted, the device not only can send back live video feed to a terminal, it can also create a recording so you can have the inspection on file should you ever need it in the future.

This type of visual inspection is possibly the most accurate way to diagnose plumbing problems because it creates indisputable visual evidence of all kinds of ailments: clogs, cracks, collapsed pipeline, corrosion and more. No matter what the problem is, a trained plumber using the right technology can identify the exact cause of your plumbing problem and the exact location of where it’s taking place by using a plumbing video inspection.

When Should Someone Get a Plumbing Video Inspection Done?
Plumbing video inspections are generally reserved for difficult-to-identify plumbing problems that occur somewhere deep inside the pipeline. Since these problems occur down the line, they can’t simply be identified around the pipe openings or drains.

These plumbing video inspections are even more useful when it’s unclear exactly what the problem is, since that mystery can be quickly resolved with video documentation.

Finally, in some rare cases, video plumbing inspections have been used to locate valuables like expensive engagement rings that get flushed down the drain accidentally. Of course the best way to protect your valuables is to keep them out of the drain, but every now and then mistakes happen.

How Should I Choose the Right Plumbing Video Inspection Specialist?
With the rise to prominence of online review websites like Yelp, it’s easier than even to find yourself a reliable plumbing video inspection specialist. Yelp isn’t just for fine dining – just take a look at our Yelp page for example, and you’ll find tons of positive reviews from our happy customers. Don’t settle for a company with too many negative reviews – pick a professional with a solid reputation like Performance Plumbing.

In addition, check the basics: make sure they’re a licensed plumber and make sure they’ve got experience with plumbing video inspections. Part of the reason we blog about plumbing video inspections is to help demonstrate our knowledge and proficiency to our customers, so make sure you’re not going with an unlicensed plumber who doesn’t know all the details of how plumbing video inspections work.

Hopefully by now you’ve got a good idea of how plumbing video inspections work. If you’re ready to get started or simply have more questions, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out!