For any homeowner in the area who is thinking about upgrading the shower on their property, making sure their Burlingame shower installation goes smoothly is a must. In addition, most people pursuing a Burlingame shower installation also put a high premium on quality.

To help you make sure you get the most from your Burlingame shower installation project, our team of professional home improvement plumbers has put together this quick guide for your easy reference.

Take note of your bathroom dimensions
When starting to plan for your shower installation project, you should be sure to take into account the dimensions of your bathroom.

It’s important to note how much space you have to install the shower into, and also how much room people will need around the shower in order to comfortably operate within the bathroom.

For example, every bathroom usually has at least 1 door, if not 2. It’s important to make sure the doors of the bathroom, and any doors of the shower, have enough space to operate from a purely functional perspective.

Do some quick research to find fitting examples
After you’re taken into account what space you’re working with, you can do some quick research to find examples that fit both the space and your own personal needs and preferences.

Hop online and check out some readily available free resources like Pinterest, Instagram and home improvement blogs to find examples of shower installations that you like. Start broad, and then refine your list until you have a strong handful of examples that you think will go well in your bathroom.

You may also want to go into a physical store if you have time to check out the products available in person.

Most people should avoid DIY
When it comes to shower installations, this type of home improvement project can be complicated and require a lot of time and attention to detail.

For most people, we don’t recommend attempting this yourself. Instead, most people choose to work with a professional team, like ours at Performance Plumbing. Working with a fully licensed and insured team like our team provides reassurances that the job is going to be done efficiently and professionally, and is fully backed by insurance in case any rare mishap should arise.

In addition, a professional can save you a lot of time and personal expense by handling measurements and planning, and helping you choose the most fitting products for your budget and bathroom.

Make sure you choose the right professional to work with
When choosing a professional to work with be sure to look for a team with several years of experience, including shower installations specifically, like our team at Performance Plumbing.

We highly recommend that you only stick to fully licensed and insured plumbers for your own protection, and we suggest choosing a plumber with a high rating on customer review websites like Yelp, because our team takes pride in our own outstanding rating and believes you should expect nothing less.

Ask for a free estimate
If you’re ready to get your shower installation going, give us a call or send us an email. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate prior to making any work agreements, so you know what to expect without any hidden charges.