As a local homeowner, we know how important it is to you to get the right help with water heater installation in Redwood City. Since we’re a leading choice for water heater installation in Redwood City, our team of plumbing experts has put together this quick guide so that we can share our professional knowledge to guide you through the process.

In many senses, water heaters are at the core of our homes, providing us with important water that’s optimal for daily tasks like showering, cleaning dishes and washing food. It’s easy to take for granted, so when things go wrong, it can be a real shock.

For some folks, replacing such a critically important piece of infrastructure can seem like a nightmare or a daunting task, so we hope this quick guide can go a long way towards pointing you in the right direction.

First, You’ll Probably Want to Avoid the Temptation of Doing it Yourself
Some of our Redwood City customers come to us after first considering the temptation of trying to perform the water heater installation themselves, but most customers quickly realize they simply can’t do the job as thoroughly or cost-effectively.

The reason is simple: most people simply aren’t experienced or knowledgeable enough in how plumbing and hot water heaters work. The amount of time and expense the average Redwood City resident would need to spend on things like learning, tools, and getting around mistakes that come up make it simply not worth the headache.

You’ll Also Want to Find a Professionally Licensed Plumber

If you’re past the temptation of DIY, make sure you team up with a professionally licensed plumber, like Performance Plumbing.

A professional license is a kind of guarantee that the plumber has proven to the State of California that they have the knowledge and expertise to get plumbing projects like your completed to a professional standard of quality. In addition, the license is only awarded to those who successfully complete a criminal background check, which is something most unlicensed laborers will not provide you with.

You Should Find a Plumber With a Strong Reputation

It’s important to also check customer review websites like Yelp to ensure the plumber you choose has a strong track record for successfully completing plumbing projects to the satisfaction of customers.

Plumbers with too many negative reviews may not take their work seriously enough, so avoid becoming another victim of a bad plumber with a poor track record by choosing someone with high ratings like our team at Performance Plumbing.

Do Some Research Ahead of Time and Know What to Expect

While you don’t need to become a full expert, taking a look at some of the options on the market for hot water heaters is likely a good idea. We recommend you talk to the plumber before you make any purchases, because a strong, knowledgeable team like Performance Plumbing can help give you professional insight into what makes some models better than others, or when other models are overpriced compared to other options.

Get a Free Written Estimate Up Front and Ask for Details

Before any agreements are made, be sure to get a free estimate up front in writing and complete with all the details you need. Ask about cost, time needed and scope of work when getting your estimate. A good plumber like Performance Plumbing will be happy to answer any questions you have.

So if you’re ready to get started or simply need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email and our friendly team of plumbing experts will be glad to assist!