For anyone looking to upgrade their home in the area, it’s natural to consider pursuing a Los Gatos toilet installation project to improve a home. As one of the best teams around in Los Gatos toilet installation services, our team decided to create this guide to explain everything you need to know to get the best results from your toilet installation project.

Think carefully about the home and bathroom
Homeowners in Los Gatos typically take great care when it comes to the design of their home, and a toilet installation should be no exception.

When thinking about what type of toilet you want to install, make sure you think about how it fits into the bigger picture of the home.

Check out the design and atmosphere of the home overall and the room where the toilet will be installed in, and make sure all of the toilet products you consider match the same feel comfortably. Avoid toilets that may clash or create an uneasy feeling between designs.

Consider the people who will use the toilet
Perhaps most importantly, the toilet you choose and install must be comfortable and functional for the people who will need to use it.

When choosing your new toilet, it’s useful to take a moment to think about who will be using the toilet. If the toilet is in a location where you know who will be using it consistently for a long time, you can tailor your choice to best fit those people.

For example, if the toilet is in the master bathroom where long-term homeowners reside, you may want to choose a larger toilet design for larger folks to comfortably sit on, while a smaller seat can be much more comfortable for smaller folks.

If the toilet is in a generally shared space such as a guest bathroom or a common room, you may want to pick the most universal fit to best satisfy as many people as generally possible. A general fit is also a good choice if you think the home might be rented out or sold in the relatively near future.

Do your homework in terms of designs and products
After you’ve spent some time thinking about esthetics, overall context and the people who will be using the toilet, it’s useful to do some homework in terms of checking out designs and products.

Nowadays, it’s easy to review a wide range of toilet designs online via social media platforms and home improvements blogs. For example, on Pinterest you can review a huge volume of photos very quickly, and on Instagram you can check out trending hashtags. Home improvement blogs can provide more in-depth explanations of toilet installation examples.

We recommend checking out a lot of examples and collecting a wide list of examples you like, then whittling down the list based on what seems like a good fit for your specific requirements. It’s also useful to talk over your picks with a well-trained expert like our team at Performance Plumbing, who can explain all of the pros and cons of your choices like durability, cost, functionality, and feasibility of the installation process.

Get a free estimate
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