For most people, running into unexpected plumbing issues can be a stressful experience and trying to find the right plumber to fix your Union City plumbing repairs may feel like added stress. As one of the top choices around for Union City plumbing repairs, our team is here to help take that stress off of your shoulders by providing the best possible plumbing help around.

If you’re in need to plumbing repair help, these quick tips will help you make sure you make the right choice in finding a plumber to take care of your plumbing needs.

Act now if you’re having a plumbing emergency
First, if you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency currently, it’s important to call us immediately for our 24-hour, 7-days-a-week emergency plumbing repair help.

When plumbing emergencies occur, serious damage can occur, so it’s important to get the plumbing issue fixed as quickly as possible. If you think there could be a safety issue that could endanger anyone on the property, such as a combination of electricity and water, it’s important to contact the proper authorities to address that danger also. Remember that your safety is the top concern, and property damage comes second.

Try to do damage control and prevent further damage
If you’re not in an emergency situation, but there has still been some leakage or water spilled, it’s important to try to do a little damage control to start addressing the situation as quickly as possible to limit the amount of damage that may occur to your property.

For example, if you had a leaking pipe, you may want to try to remove as much water from the affected area as possible using rags and buckets to move the water into a drain or outside. Also, using a heater and fan in the area when safe, and opening windows can help ventilate the area and help water evaporate more quickly and effectively.

One of the best ways to prevent water from continuing to leak is to use shutoff valves when they’re available. Sometimes, there may be local shutoff valves near the leak, such as under sinks, which can help disable water to that specific area. If you’re unable to find that, you may need to look for the main water shutoff valve, which is usually located in a basement, a utility shed or closet, or outdoors along the structure. The main water shutoff valve will disable water for the entire property, so you may also want to make sure everyone affected knows that the water will be disabled.

Work with a plumber who has a strong reputation
When it comes to having the actual plumbing repairs done, it’s important to work with a reputable plumbing team that has a strong reputation in the region, like our team at Performance Plumbing. At Performance Plumbing, we have one of the strongest customer satisfaction records around on customer review websites like Yelp, and our customers have been highly satisfied with our plumbing repair work in the past.

If you’re ready to get your plumbing issues fixed quickly and efficiently, simply send us an email or give us a quick call and we’ll make sure you get the help you need right away.