The number of San Francisco plumbing companies out there can be overwhelming for a homeowner. Knowing how to find the best among the San Francisco plumbing companies for your plumbing project requires doing some due diligence. The following guide provides some key considerations for choosing the best plumbing company for your needs.

Check for Credentials and Insurance

A professional plumber is licensed, certified and transparent about their knowledge. Before hiring a plumbing company, make sure they have a state-specific business license to operate. You can always check online first to learn more about the licensing status of the company you’re considering. A good company will ensure that their staff are also appropriately licensed and certified. If a company is not licensed or is unwilling to share this information, proceed with caution.

Insurance is also important when hiring a San Francisco plumbing company. A company that is insured obviously takes their responsibilities seriously. If a plumbing project unexpectedly goes awry, for instance property is damaged or someone is injured, it is important that the plumbing service is properly insured to take care of any damages, injuries or losses.

Get to Know Their Rates

Plumbing services can get expensive, but the worst thing is thinking your plumbing project will cost a certain amount and suddenly finding out its actually way more. A good plumbing company will be upfront about costs. The initial estimate should be pretty accurate to the actual charge, and if there are complications that require additional charges, a good professional will communicate this with you before any additional work is done.

Do They Provide Emergency Services

Your plumbing does not wait for a convenient time to have a problem. If a plumbing emergency occurs in the middle of the night, you want a plumbing service that can provide 24/7 emergency services. Otherwise, if you have to wait until the next day to address your issue your property could be looking at some serious water damage. Look for a plumbing company that offers round-the-clock emergency service. If you’re looking for a fast fix, try to find a plumbing service located near you.

What do Their Online Reviews Reveal

Reviews are a good way to see what others have experienced with different San Francisco plumbing companies. Checking out what customers have said on public domains like Facebook and Yelp can offer some insight into their rates, services, etc. Use your judgement: if there are only a few bad reviews it could have just been a difficult job or customer. On the other hand, if there are multiple bad reviews with similar complaints, then it might be best to look for another company.

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