Looking at ways to improve the value and level of comfort at your home? Finding the right Hayward home improvement plumber can make a huge difference. Choosing the right Hayward home improvement is always a top priority If you’re considering revamping your bathroom, kitchen, or other plumbing on your property.

To help you make the right choice, our team of plumbing experts has put together this basic guide to get you started. If you have questions as you review it, remember that we’re always happy to hear from you and help in any way we can, so please do give us a call or send us an email to talk to one of our friendly experts.

Clearly Define Your Goals If Possible
While it’s true that not everyone knows exactly what they want from the get-go, and some projects can evolve over time as people adapt or change their minds, the more you can clearly define your goals at the start of the project, the better.

Clearly defining your goals and expectations up front will help reduce the possibility of time and labor not matching your expectations, and keep scope very clearly defined throughout the entire project.

In addition, having some idea of what you want ahead of time can be a huge help in the process of choosing the right home improvement plumber because you can ask them if they’ve completed similar work in the past and if they can speak to some specific examples.

Interview Thoroughly and Ask for Input
Just like any other paid job, interviewing the candidates thoroughly is extremely important to ensure the success of the project.

In addition to asking the plumbers you’re considering for past examples of similar work, there are a number of other very important questions to ask.

Make sure to ask if they’re a licensed plumbing company or not. We recommend keeping away from freelancers or temporary laborers who aren’t focused on plumbing as their sole occupation and craft.

Think Beyond Your Initial Project
If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably very focused on the project you have in mind already, but take a minute to take a step back and see if there’s more than could be beneficial to have done at a future point in time.

While you may not want to add additional work to your existing project concept, you may want to tackle additional projects in the future. For example, if you’re currently planning a bathroom remodel, take a quick moment to also think about if the kitchen plumbing could use some upgrades or even the outdoor plumbing infrastructure.

If you decide that you may want additional work done in the future, you may want to choose a more well-rounded plumber rather than a specialist who only focuses on one area like bathroom remodels.

Checking Out Customer Review Websites is a Must
While you may be familiar with Yelp for things like restaurant reviews or where to get your haircut, you may be surprised to find that it’s actually equally important for plumbing reviews.

Be sure to check out the Yelp profiles of all the plumbers you’re considering for the job – a well-established, reliable plumbing team like ours at Performance Plumbing will have a long list of happy customers who aren’t afraid to post positive comments to Yelp.

Ready to get started or simply have more questions? Reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help analyze your home improvement plumbing project and make suggestions for best ways forward.