As a leading plumbing company in The City, many of our customers come to us in search for help with bathroom plumbing in San Francisco. To help you get the best bathroom plumbing in San Francisco, we’ve put together this expert guide to how you can make the right choice.

Whether you need just a quick fix or have a major home improvement or bathroom remodeling project to complete, choosing the right plumber can make all the difference. Choose wisely, and if you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and our friendly staff will be happy to get you the answers you need.

Find a Plumber With a Strong Track Record for Bathroom Plumbing
Just as you would do research on any consumer good or service, be sure to do some background research on the plumbers you’re considering.

Check online review websites like Yelp, which will have strong ratings for reputable plumbing teams like ours at Performance Plumbing.

Avoid plumbers with mediocre or negative ratings and comments, as they may not perform high quality work. Also avoid plumbers with no comments, as they may be difficult to predict and are likely unproven.

Since you need help with bathroom plumbing specifically, you may want to also take the time to review the comments to read about their work specific to bathroom plumbing, rather than general plumbing history.

Make Sure the Plumber Can Handle Your Specific Bathroom Plumbing Needs
While some plumbers are good overall or bad overall, many plumbers have special strength or competencies.

On the other hand this works both ways, and they may have deficiencies in certain areas. For example, a plumber who does only basic repairs will be ill-prepared to handle a large-scale home improvement plumbing project.

Be sure to ask the plumber if they’ve handled the specific type of work you need done in the past, or at least if they’ve done something similar and know how it should be done. At Performance Plumbing, we’ve handled just about everything from small fixes to entire bathroom remodeling projects, and we’re always upfront with customers if we haven’t done similar work in the past.

Check for a Plumbing License
Don’t overlook a professional plumbing license, as unlicensed workers may not have the same level of professional seriousness about plumbing.

The last thing you need with plumbing fixes or improvement projects is unprofessional work that can lead to damage or major inconveniences, so make sure you avoid unlicensed freelancers.

For Major Projects, Ask for Photos
If you’re in need of help with a major bathroom plumbing project, ask to see if the plumber has photos of past work. They probably won’t have photos of every single project they’ve done in the past, but many should be able to provide at least some sample of the work they’ve done in the past if homeowners have given them permission to take photos or use photos taken by the owners.

Get a Quote Before Work Starts
Don’t commit until you know all of the work and costs involved. Make sure you get a free quote up front before any work begins so you can have some transparency.

If you’re ready to get a quote for your needs or simply need to get answers to your questions, give us a call or send us an email today and our friendly team will get you the help you need right away!