We know that in the dining industry plumbing inspections are a necessary nuisance, so we’ve put together a few quick facts to help you better understand restaurant plumbing inspection San Francisco restaurant owners should all know. These facts should help explain the process of restaurant plumbing inspection San Francisco restaurants all inevitably need to know about.

Why do I need Restaurant Plumbing Inspections?
Plumbing codes have been carefully designed over the years to help promote the health and safety of our population in San Francisco. These codes aim to prevent the spread of disease by ensuring that good plumbing systems provide a restaurant with both a safe drinking water supply and the proper removal of liquid waste. In addition to helping satisfy local health standards and codes, plumbing inspections are simply a smart investment towards keeping your customers and staff safe and happy.

What Kinds of Inspections Are Done During a Restaurant Plumbing Inspection?
The inspections are many, but all are quite understandable when you think about them. Routine inspections include checking toilet facilities for workers, checking that sanitary is tested, checking for leaks, checking cleanouts (number, location, distance of separation), proper clearance between water and sewer lines, checking drainage, water heater inspections, valve inspections and much more.

How Can I Make Sure I Pass My Restaurant Plumbing Inspection?
When your restaurant is set up and even after it’s been running, always use a quality, licensed plumber like Performance Plumbing for your plumbing work. The last thing you want is poor quality plumbing that doesn’t follow guidelines and causes you problems when the inspection is done. At Performance Plumbing, we know exactly what restaurant plumbing inspections look for and we can help you make sure everything is problem-free before the inspection. Remember that regular maintenance is also an important part of following plumbing codes.

What is Plumbing Video Inspection and How Can it Help My Restaurant?
Video plumbing inspection is a great way to visually find and document problems in plumbing. If you’re having plumbing issues head of your inspection and you want to pinpoint the issues and fix them, a plumbing video inspection can help you accomplish this. The plumbing video inspection technology consists of a long, flexible metal wire with a high-tech camera attached at the end that can see and record the inside of your pipe system.

Can I Learn More About California Plumbing Code?
You can, via this website: http://www.iapmo.org/Pages/2013CaliforniaPlumbingCode.aspx. However, you’ll notice it’s 17 chapters long, which is far too extensive for most people to handle. Hiring a professional who already knows plumbing codes like Performance Plumbing can help ensure your restaurant is ready to pass a plumbing inspection.

As you can see from the above answers, plumbing inspections are truly a complex but necessary part of our community. They keep your staff and customers safe, and keep your business operating clean and healthy. If you’re preparing for a plumbing inspection and have any questions or require plumbing services to ensure you pass the inspection, don’t hesitate to call us – our friendly staff is always here for you to answer your questions or take care of your plumbing needs.