A bathtub is a huge purchase and central part of your bathroom, so we understand there are a lot of questions about bathtubs installation Bay Area homeowners want answers to. As a result, we’ve put together some quick facts about bathtubs installation Bay Area homeowners can learn from to help our customers better understand the process and education themselves.

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Can I Install the Bathtub Myself?
You could, but we don’t recommend it in most cases. Some home improvement projects may seem like easy DIY tasks like fixing cabinets, but installing bathtubs is far more complex and actually requires fairly advanced skills. Unless you’re a very experienced home improvement professional who is basically at the same level as a contractor, you probably don’t want to risk this important of a project without professional assistance.

What Makes Bathtub Installation So Difficult?
For starters, bathtubs are generally large and heavy. On top of that, access to the plumbing can be difficult. The principles of connecting the water supply are similar to a basin, but again access really creates another level of challenge. Furthermore, if you’re replacing an existing bathtub, you’ve also got to get the bathtub that’s already in there removed, which creates another layer of cumbersome work.

What Kind of Work is Involved With Removing Bathtubs?
Removing a bathtub starts with making sure it can exit through the size of the doorway and turning off the water supply. Water must then be drained out of the supply lines and individual components of the bathtub must be disassembled and removed. In many cases, removing sections of the wall around the bathtub is necessary to remove the bathtub completely, in addition to cutting piping in some cases.

What Kind of Work is Involved With Removing Bathtubs?
Before installation of the new bathtubs, it’s important to ensure the bathtub is an exact fit for the space. If it isn’t, the piping will likely need to be modified to accommodate the new bathtub. After that, connecting the piping and fitting the tub in is the next step, and then making any necessary wall repairs is next. Finally, the tub must be completely secured in place and all possible leak points like connecting joints and edges need to be sealed to prevent leaks and mold.

How Should I Choose a Good Professional for My Bathtub Installation?
Always pick an experienced, licensed professional like Performance Pluming. At Performance Plumbing, we’re California licensed for plumbing projects and have more than 13 years of combined experience. These qualifications can help you rest assured that your bathtub installation project will be done as professionally as possible.

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