One of the most annoying problems that any homeowner or business can experience is problems with their drains not functioning, which is why we’ve put together some facts about drain replacement Daly City residents and business owners should know. We hope that by providing these facts about drain replacement Daily City homes and offices can use, we’ll help educate our community about the types of drains and problems out there.

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Why You Might Want to Replace Your Drain
Drains typically wear out over time, whether it’s superficially or functionally. As a result, sometimes you may want to replace your drain for a more modern or polished appearance, or simply because your current drain isn’t working well anymore and is leaking or not flowing properly.

Common Problems With Drains
There are a number of common problems that lead customers to call us for drain replacement services. Typically, it comes down to the drain being clogged or draining very slowly. This type of behavior can be caused by a number of issues, from hair to grease buildup. If replacing the basic drain at the starting point at the sink, tub or other basin doesn’t remedy the problem, there may be a larger problem with your pipe system. Don’t worry – no matter how big or small your drainage problems are, we can take care of it.

About Pop-Up Sink Drains
Pop-up sink drains are what you commonly see in household sinks, where the drain has a pop-up component in the middle of the hole to allow you to plug up the drain and fill your sink completely. Older models of pop-up drains have a device at the back of the sink like a metal rod that can be used to open and shut the drain, while newer models open and close by touching the drain.

How Grid Drains Are Used
Grid Drains are typically made for bowl sinks or showers, and are designed to let you continuously run water without worrying about overflow or large items getting into the pipe and clogging things. The drawback is of course that they can’t be sealed on their own to allow a basin to fill, the way pop-up sink drains do. There are many designs of grid drains, but traditional models use connecting square pieces.

Lift And Turn Sink Drains
These versatile drains can be used with many types of sinks, including those without overflow and sinks with undermount, drop-in and vessel designs. Lifting drains water from these drains and turning holds water.

With the wide range of issues and types of drains out there, you can easily see why Performance Plumbing is regularly called upon to provide quality drain replacement services to homes and offices across the Bay Area. If you’ve got any questions about drain replacement or are ready to get started, give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions or send someone over to fix things up for you.