It’s inevitable – everyone at some point needs a little help for problems with shower plumbing Daly City residents regularly find themselves running into. To help you out, we’ve prepared these tips on shower plumbing Daly City households like yours can use to remedy the situation. Give them a quick read, and if you continue to have trouble remember that we’re here to help!

Tip 1: Turn to the Trusty Plunger
First Your trusty plunger isn’t just for the toilet – plungers work on all kinds of drains, including shower drains. All you need to do is make sure you fill up the shower or tub basin with enough water, place the plunger straight down over the drain so it’s squarely on it, then push down with a fair amount of force the same way you would with a toilet. Many people are surprised by just how effective plungers can be for showers, and these handy tools can be conveniently purchased from a neighborhood hardware store at relatively inexpensive prices.

Tip 2: ‘Hack’ a Hanger
Just as plungers aren’t just for toilets, clothes hangers aren’t just for clothes! All you need is a trusty wire coat hanger to get started with this method. Unwind the coat hanger so you have a long, straight wire, then curve one end to create a hook. Remove the drain fixture or trap and lower this hooked wire into the drain as if you were fishing for the debris. You might be surprised how much you can pull up, especially when it comes to hair. But be forewarned – have a trash bag ready and consider wearing rubber gloves because pulling out debris this way can get really messy.

Tip 3: Try a Plumbing Professional
If you don’t want to get dirty or the problem is simply too complicated to handle on your own with the two methods above, you should strongly consider finding a plumbing professional to remove the problem. When choosing a plumber, make sure you choose wisely. First, pick out someone with a strong record on Yelp – a plumber with a poor record may indicate that they don’t try hard enough to resolve the problem in a professional manner. Picking an expert with strong positive reviews like Performance Plumbing can be a really savvy move, as companies like our show up on time with all the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Tip 4: Practice Good Plumbing Prevention
It’s easier said than done, but prevention can help avoid the problem from repeating, or even from happening in the first place. Try to avoid letting hair clog the drain, and consider buying a water softener if you have hard water issues. Another trick you can try is pouring a gallon of boiling water down the drain each month, but most people have trouble making this a habit.

Still have questions or need help? Remember, our team is just a quick phone call or email away, so give us a shout if you need help clearing up your shower plumbing problems!