The sink in your home can say more about you as a homeowner than you realize, which is why it’s important to ensure success with your Orinda sink installation project. Having your Orinda sink installation project go perfectly can be the difference between long-term agony and daily enjoyment.

To help make sure you get pointed in the right direction for your important home improvement project, our team of home improvement plumbing professionals has created this quick guide with simple tips you can follow.

Start with function
When starting off with planning your new sink installation, start with function. Many folks begin with design or aesthetics, but it’s important to first define what the sink needs to accomplish.

For example, a kitchen sink typically needs to be deep and utilitarian, while a bathroom sink should be a smaller profile and possibly allow for multiple sinks for high-traffic bathrooms. Outdoor sinks are different altogether, needing to be rugged and weather resistant for outdoor operation whether they’re for barbecues or yard work.

Plan for the appropriate space and location
When planning your sink installation, it’s also important to consider the space that the sink will be installed into, because not all sink designs fit all shapes and sizes.

Don’t just consider the space that the sink will need to occupy, but also consider the surrounding space that the user will need to operate in. We’ve seen far too many poorly planned sink installations leave people feeling cramped when washing dishes or trying to use bathroom counter space, so it’s important to make sure people will have the appropriate amount of room to work with.

Round up samples for inspiration
Now that you’ve got some idea of what the sink will be used for and how much space is appropriate to occupy, check out examples of sink installations that you like and which fit your parameters.

Check out social media destinations like Pinterest and Instagram to see powerful visual examples posted by other people who have had home improvement work done. Look for trending designs, but also consider traditional or more conservative designs if you might plan to sell the home in the future or rent it out to others.

Find a qualified expert to work with
When the time comes for the actual sink installation, make sure you choose a quality home improvement plumbing expert to work with like our team at Performance Plumbing.

At Performance Plumbing, we didn’t just earn our stellar reputation on customer review websites like Yelp by accident, we always make customer satisfaction a priority and work tirelessly to deliver on our promises.

We also believe that holding a professional license and insurance is important for the peace of mind of our customers who want quality without risk, so we think you shouldn’t work with anyone that has lower standards in these areas.

Ask for a quote up front
When you’re ready to get moving forward, be sure to ask for a free quote up front. At Performance Plumbing, we always give our customers a free estimate of costs before any work agreements are made, so stay away from any plumbers who refuse to provide an estimate.

If you’re ready to get started, call us or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you get going right away.