If you’re getting ready to plan your Campbell toilet installation, it’s important to know how to ensure you get the best Campbell toilet installation done possible.

For the average person, doing a toilet installation project is a rare event, but because our team does them on a routine basis, we’ve decided to put together this quick guide to help you understand how you can get the best toilet installation done that fully meets your needs.

Take a look at the products on the market
The first step in many successful toilet installation projects is to first get an understanding of what products exist on the market.

While toilets are an afterthought for many people, the fact is that we use them on a daily basis and both the materials and design can make a huge difference in how we interact with the toilets that we use.

If you have time, check out the various products online or in person to understand what materials, designs, shapes and sizes toilets come in. Knowing what is available will help you make the best choice as to which option is best for your needs.

Look through examples of toilet installations online
In addition to checking out product on the market, it’s a good idea to hop online and check out examples of toilets installed into actual homes.

Seeing the toilet products actually installed into a location can give you a sense of how it fits into its environment, and how it might look or perform in an actual bathroom setting.

These days, there are an abundance of resources online that can help you quickly and efficiently browse a large set of examples and save those that you like for later reference. Good starting points for this process are Pinterest and Instagram, where you can search by keywords and trending topics.

Compare your examples to the place the toilet will be installed
After you’ve gathered several examples of toilet installations that you like, along with your full understanding of the products on the market, it’s useful to consider the space you’ll be working with when it comes to your specific project.

Some of the examples you found may not be a analogous to your own bathroom, and may have different aspects that make them irrelevant to your own situation. For example, the space may be smaller or wider, allowing for a different range of possible toilet designs to install.

It’s also important to consider the layout of your bathroom, to make sure the toilet won’t have conflicts with doors, showers, or fixtures like cabinets.

Don’t forget about the people who will actually be using the toilet
At the end of the day, the most important aspect of the toilet is that it needs to be comfortable for people to use and effective at doing its job.

Think about who will be using the toilet most frequently. Larger folks will needs a larger toilet seat and design, while smaller folks may be much more comfortable with a smaller size and design. If you have a mixture of sizes or the toilet will be in a place used by guests, aim for an average fit.

If you’re not sure who will be living at the home long-term, or if you want to sell or rent the home later, it may be best to start off with an average size.

Work with a professional toilet installation plumber
Once you’ve figured out some basic ideas about what you want from your toilet installation, it’s important to work with a professional toilet installation plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Toilet installation is not a project that most people want to undertake on their own.

If you’re ready to get started with your toilet installation project, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to talk over your toilet installation needs with you and we can provide a free quote before any work agreements are made.