If you’re planning your Danville shower installation project, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes that hinder a lot of projects. As experts in Danville shower installation projects, our team knows all of the ins and outs of the process, so we’ve prepared this list of common mistakes that you’ll want to avoid as you plan your project.

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Common Mistake 1: DIY
DIY might sound nice for folks who like to save some money or take matters into their own hands, but there are very practical, common reasons why DIY is generally a bad idea for shower installations.

The average person hasn’t performed a lot of shower installations over the course of their lifetime, which means that the quality they can produce may not match that of an experienced home improvement expert who has done countless shower installations.

Since novices tend to make mistakes in planning and executing their shower installations, this often leads to setbacks and delays which can actually make the project take more time and money to complete than expected. Inexperienced shower installers might perform steps out of order, miss steps, buy or install wrong parts, mess up measurements, and other problems.

Common Mistake 2: Inadequate research
When planning a shower installation project, some homeowners gravitate towards the first example that they see and like, without performing enough research.

In general, it’s best to review a large scale of examples, which is now easier to do than ever with the power of the internet and visually-driven social media platforms.

Be sure to check out a wide range of examples, and then whittle down your list to only the examples that you like the most.

Common Mistake 3: Forgetting constraints
While many people tend to focus on shower installation styles that they like, unfortunately most of us live in a world that includes constraints like budget, time and space.

Perhaps the most common constraint that you’ll need to think about is the environment around the shower, where you’re planning to install it.

Not all shower designs and types fit all spaces, so if you’ve got a list of showers that you like, be sure to compare them to the space where you want to install the shower and visualize how the shower will fit there both in terms of space and style. Try to avoid harsh styling mismatches and be sure to give the users of the shower enough space to navigate both inside and around the shower.

Common Mistake 4: Not putting people first
The success of your shower installation project will ultimately come down to whether or not people are able to use the shower comfortably and enjoy their time engaging with the shower.

What this means is that you should avoid the mistake of forgetting about the needs of the users of the shower.

For example, try to avoid very small and compact shower designs if the people who will be using the shower include larger folks. Elderly folks may need fixtures that they can use for support and stability.

Common Mistake 5: Not getting a free quote
Last, avoid the mistake of not getting a free quote. At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to offer a free quote before any agreements are made, so you should expect this as a standard part of the process when working with an elite team like ours.

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