When it comes to ensuring the property value of the home you own or a home you’re considering buying, finding services for home plumbing inspections Palo Alto residents can count for accuracy and thoroughness is a must. To help you find the best home plumbing inspections Palo Alto has to offer, we’ve put together a quick list of tips for how you can choose the right plumbing expert for your needs.

Don’t hesitate to give us a quick call or email if you have questions as you’re reading – our team of plumbing experts is always happy to help, and can give you the answers you need.

Make Sure the Plumber Checks All the Important Places
When one thinks of a home plumbing inspection, there are the obvious places to check: pipes, toilets, sinks, faucets, water heater, etc. However, there’s a lot more to consider, from garbage disposals to sprinklers and drainage. The list is certainly extensive, so be sure to pick a plumber who is equally thorough to handle the job.

Home property values come at a premium in Palo Alto, so confirming the value of the home in questions is a relatively inexpensive investment when considering how much value is being protected. The stakes are even higher when you’re buying a house and about to take on ownership of a property, so it’s essential to pick a plumber who checks every place possible.

At Performance Plumbing, we check every nook and cranny of the plumbing system as if it were our own home, because we understand the importance of property value. Remember, one small overlooked leak can easily turn into a headache of mold, mildew and rotting materials, so don’t settle for a lower quality plumber with subpar standards.

Choose a Licensed Professional Plumber
Palo Alto is packed with intellectually advanced individuals, but many surprisingly people forget to think about licensed credentials when looking for someone to conduct a home plumbing inspection. Choosing a licensed plumbing professional really does make a difference – it’s a validation of the plumber’s dedication to the craft and seriousness in their occupation.

Our team at Performance Plumbing is fully licensed because we’re proud to display our dedication to plumbing specifically, and all the technical details and best practices that are involved with quality plumbing services. As such, we recommend you stay away from unlicensed plumbers who may not be as dedicated to focusing on plumbing as their sole profession.

Make Sure the Plumber has a Strong Reputation
As most people know in Silicon Valley, it can be really helpful to check a company’s reputation through tools like Yelp. A solid online reputation for a professional service provider like a plumber is a sign that they take customer satisfaction seriously and strive to eliminate any dissatisfaction from their work. Our stellar reputation at Performance Plumbing didn’t happen by accident – we work diligently to maintain it, and strongly suggest you choose a plumber equally dedicated to providing the best possible services to customers like you.

Choose a Plumber with Extensive Knowledge and Services
So you know you need a home plumbing inspection for your Palo Alto property, but choosing the right plumber can also lead to great insider knowledge and tips. At Performance Plumbing, we often find ourselves explaining details to our customers that they otherwise wouldn’t be aware of, and making important recommendations for how plumbing can improve their property value.

Many times, these suggestions turn into real action for improving the property value or installing safeguards to protect it. You don’t have to pursue these other services right away, but having a good solid professional plumbing expert like Performance Plumbing explain the options to you can be a nice added value when evaluating a property. A good plumber will think beyond just the basics of the inspection.

Ready to get started? Remember, Palo Alto homes are a big investment for just about anyone, so choosing the right plumbing professional for the job is crucial. If you’re ready to move forward or simply have more questions that need to be answered, give us a quick call or email and our friendly team will get you the help you need.