Many of our customers first start out wondering how to find services for plumbing video inspection Daly City homeowners can count on. Plumbing video inspection Daly City households can benefit from the most should be performed by a reliable plumbing expert like Performance Plumbing, making use of important industry tools and applying knowledge from past experiences.

Since we know plumbing video inspections isn’t a topic that most people know much about, we’ve put together some basic questions and answers that we hope can help you better understand how plumbing video inspections work. If you find these questions and answers useful and informative, be sure to share them with your friends on Facebook or via email so that they can benefit from them as well in case they need an inspection in the future.

>What is a Plumbing Video Inspection?
A plumbing video inspection is the process whereby a plumbing expert runs a specialized video line down the branch lines in your plumbing system or down the home’s sewer line to visually document the health of the pipes and identify any problems, along with where they occur. The branch lines are the pipes that come from your bathtubs and faucets to the main sewer line of the house, and the main sewer line is the larger pipe that leads from the property to the municipal sewer line at the street.

What Is Shown on the Plumbing Video Inspection?
The plumbing video inspection is literally the inside of the pipe, with a camera that can see in the dark. The video is typically a little jerky as the video line is pushed bit by bit down the pipe, but it gives you a clear picture of what the inside of the piping looks like so you can visually identify broken or damaged sections as well as blockages. You can see for yourself in this YouTube video:

How Far Does the Video Inspection Scope Go?
Usually the maximum is around 330 feet, which typically covers everything from the house’s branch lines out to the municipal sewer line.

Can I do the Video Inspection Myself?
It doesn’t really make sense for most homeowners to do the video inspections themselves. A lot of products out there for homeowners don’t really go very far into the piping and scopes may not be auto-focusing or self-righting, so plumbing experts who are knowledgeable in the area actually select very specific equipment that they know will perform adequately. The units used by plumbing companies typically cost $15,000 and have powerful lights with self-righting picture and high resolution output, in addition to recording capabilities. By contrast, having a plumbing company conduct the video inspection for you doesn’t cost that much – contact us if you’d like to know more about pricing. It makes sense for a plumbing company to invest in a piece of equipment that they will use over and over again for a modest fee, but it doesn’t make sense for a homeowner to buy this equipment when they’ll only use it a few times.

We hope these answers may help address some of the common questions you have. Remember that if you have any other questions or are ready to get started on getting a plumbing video inspection done on your property, give us a call. Our friendly staff is always happy to help guide you through the process and explain everything to you, no matter what questions you may have.