All kinds of problems can lead to the need for someone to know how to plumb a shower in San Francisco. But fear not – we’ve put together this guide to how to plumb a shower San Francisco residents can use to guide them through the process. It’s not that difficult when you really get down to the core of things, so give it a quick read and of course we’re happy to help answer questions or send an expert plumber over if you need further assistance – just give us a quick email or call and we’ll send over one of our friendly plumbing experts!

Step 1: Use a Plunger to Try to Force Open the Blockage
Plungers are an amazingly simply, inexpensive tool that also happen to be highly effective at clearing up basic clogs. While most people associate these tools with toilets, they can actually also be applied to shower drain effectively in some cases. Simply fill up your tub or shower basin with several inches of water, place the plunger squarely above the drain and press down with a decent amount of pressure. You may need to repeat this a couple of times, but in some cases this method of forcing water through the pipe will also dislodge and force any debris through the pipe as well, alleviating the problem.

Step 2: Give a Coat Hanger a Shot
If you have wire coat hangers, try sacrificing one by turning it into a home-made DIY plumbing tool. Simply unravel the wire coat hanger and reshape it into a long line with a hook at the end. Once you’ve got this tool made, lower it hook-first into the drain and try fishing around for debris. You may be able to pull up things like hair and other items blocking the pipe. Make sure you wear rubber gloves if you have them, and keep a trash bag handy, because this method can get really messy depending on how much gunk is blocking the drain.

Step 3: Try a Plumbing Professional
Plungers and wire coat hangers can only get you so far into clearing up a pipeline, so if these two methods don’t work for you or if you don’t want to try them, call on a licensed plumbing professional to get the job done. Calling a licensed plumbing expert like Performance Plumbing means the job will get done quickly and efficiently, without any guesswork or head scratching. When making your decision for which plumber to go with, be sure to check Yelp reviews in advance and only pick a plumber with a strong track record like Performance Plumbing. We take pride in the quality of our work and leaving our customers happy, so you should expect the same from any plumbing professional you choose. Don’t settle for anything less!

Still have questions or need some professional advice or help? Give us a quick call or email and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or quickly send over one of our friendly plumbing experts to make sure we get your shower back to running like normal again as quickly as possible!