With so much property in the area benefiting from home improvement projects, a lot of value can be added to your property when you complete a Newark shower installation. To help you get the most from your Newark shower installation, our home improvement plumbing experts have assembled these 5 simple ways that you can enhance your shower installation.

Research, research, research
Shower installations are complex projects that involve a lot of personal opinion and subjective decision-making. The entire process can often end up being very personal, based on your personal preferences. However, if you’re sharing the shower with others, make sure you consider the other people who will be using the shower on a regular basis as well ‒ they might not share the same preferences that you have, so it’s important to research their opinions.

In addition, it’s extremely helpful to search and browse examples of shower installations you like using online resources like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and blogs. Don’t choose to hastily and settle on the first example you like ‒ gather a handful of examples and try to pick at least a couple of different styles. You’ll want at least one or two quality backup options in case your primary choice isn’t a good fit for your property.

Use space wisely
Not everyone has the same property to work with, so it’s important to consider that the examples that you like may not all be suitable for the space you’re working with. Some designs are only feasible with large spaces, while others are better suited for compact layouts. In addition, you may not want to use up every square inch of the space you have, as it’s important to allow space for free movement and being able to use the rest of the bathroom facilities.

In addition, consider the size, shape and age of the full range of people who will be using the shower. For example, if you’re smaller you may be tempted to pick a more compact design, but it may be too cramped to be practical for a larger person sharing your property. This can also be a factor if you later sell the property ‒ in general, sticking to average sizes is best, however in some cases it may be helpful to install additional features to help elderly shower users safely use the shower.

Think stylish but sustainable
Many people are tempted to pick the boldest style that they like, but remember that styles can come and go, so it’s important to make sure your choice is also sustainable in the sense that the style will still be generally acceptable for many years to come. This is another important aspect when considering property resale value, and also for general appearances over the years so you won’t need to feel awkward by dated styling.

Seek professional guidance
Shower installations are challenging, complex projects that require a lot of nuanced attention to detail and usually benefit a great deal from expert experience. We strongly recommend choosing a home improvement plumbing team with a stellar reputation on websites like Yelp, like our team at Performance Plumbing. No matter who you choose to work with, make sure the plumber is fully licensed and insured at a minimum, as we consider this the minimum standard when looking for a home improvement plumber.

Keep the momentum going
Too many projects get stalled due to losing momentum and not pushing forward. Don’t let your project get derailed ‒ give us a call or send us an email and our team of friendly home improvement plumbing experts will be happy to help you get started.